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reason 1: peeple think matoko is unattractive and wonders why the girls like him which they dont know that matoko each has a connection with them and most of them have a hidden reason as to why they have feelings for him

reason 2: matoko is a dickhead playboy. well no shit. stop watching anime, go back to reality for once and you'll meet a lot of people like this you idiots! just because u dont like a realistic character doesnt mean the anime is bad!

reason 3: everybody hates sekai. which is another reason people get angry and hate on the show. sekai is another good character that represents the reality on how people are in real life. sekai is a backstabbing little needy whore, who tries to hide that fact

reason 4: people hate how most of the characters decision is stupid. guys, i think this generation is not swaggalicious enough to kick out all the dumb people in the world. we have a lot of people to do stupid things, complain about it and have no idea how to deal with it. think of it like this. its a coincidence that all of them are dumbfucks, and there are dumbfucks like that in the real world

reason 5: it doesnt show the actual sex. well boohoo u perverts, go back to hentai

reason 6: it started off a generic harem. well, think of it like this, this show is just as misleading as 'mahou shoujo madoka magica'. it starts off lighthearted, then when it gets dark, it hits you right in the soft spot! my apologies for u not liking all the awesome twist and turns of this show

reason 7: people hate the fact that kotonoha is a stupid girl. she's an innocent fragile girl who is easily lost. her tannilicious tits are not enough to satisfy matoko and is shattered when he broke her heart. it happened so suddenly out of the blue that it psychologically exhausted her and turned her crazy. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!?

wow. seriously, school days is a representation of reality and we should give it credit for it. go back to watching ur bleach, one piece and naruto /a/.
OP, I love School Days but who are you talking to?
>realistic character
yes, OP. there are people in reality who bang ALL the chicks, even as early as in high-school. but these guys are not complete clueless idiots with a childface, no hobbies or rich parents.
All you needed was a car in highschool.

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