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How do you get your friends to like Madoka Magica?
I have tried everything; I have even tried making them watch it!

Why do so many people can't enjoy Madoka Magica?
The anime is totally awesome but no one will listen.
Boy I wonder.
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Just tell them to watch the first two movies. If they ask for more, direct them to the series proper or show them Rebellion. Depends if you like them or hate them.
stop shoving your shit down their throat, if they dont like then forcing it will make them hate it no go hang yourself with some barbed wire and have a nice day
I made two of my friends watch the first two movies. One was someone who was into anime but he didn't watch Madoka while the other was a regular geek (Star Wars/Trek/etc.) who hadn't watched any anime other than Death Note. Both really got interested in the series and the geek was making theories before the second movie started that were actually really close.
Then I brought both of them to watch a Rebellion showing and they enjoyed that too.
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d-did you... hold hands?
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I didn't. They were both guys but I did drive them to and from the theater for hours and hours.
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If they don't like it or don't wanna give it a chance it's their loss OP
Slightly related

Are the first 2 movies just summaries of the tv series?
i have very few friends and they aren't into chinese cartoons.
Depends on the problem.
Sometimes anime simply start too slow for casuals who don't follow the 3-episode rule. For example, Fate/Zero's first episode is a 46-minute exposition dump. You don't want to show someone that, you want to show them Berserker's jet battle with Archer or something similar.

With Madoka, I hook people with Mami's ep3 gunplay against the familiars.
My friends are too normalfags to watch an anime about little girls.

>start too slow for casuals who don't follow the 3-episode rule.

You mean the 5 episode rule.

No, wait, the 10 episode rule. No, 20. No, 30.

You know what this series is shit. Why am I still watching it?

*Finishes series that sucked complete ass hoping it was going to git gud*

Fuck, I hate anime. And I have no friends.

Into the trash my life goes.

And that is what happens when you watch anime.
an annoying fag I knew really loved this, and it's hard to separate how much I hate him from it.

He greentexts on Twitter, SJWs on Tumblr, and streams his own "rifftrax" commentaries on movies like Transformers and stuff

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