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ok probably my favorite anime of all time, seen all 3 seasons and all the movies including the live action.

watched the remake of season 1 and over all it was ok, it followed the story pretty good however they changed some things and added new characters pointlessly just so the show would have more breasts.

over all i'm ok with the remake but the original still holds near and dear to me, to this day the only show to make me tear up over 5 times and to leave me with feels to this day.

don't know who else is in to classic anime like this, most people I talk to about it say they can't stand the show due to the bad animation which is annoying.
My introduction to the series was the remake, but I'm sure you have your nostalgia goggles on too tight. Don't you remember all of those asspulls in season one?
did not like the remake, too much arrogance, liked the humbleness of the old characters

fuck modernization
yeah agreed, I don't know why they made Yuki a tsunderi and they completely fucked up Kodie's personality.

not only that they made the one bro cosmo tiger pilot and replaced him with his sister n the remake, no I loved that man and when he died It was a sad bro moment.
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also they made Dessler into a dainty fuck in the remake, in the original he was an arrogant prick but still likable in a way that made him more likable in later seasons. the new version just looks and acts like a posh basted.

but I will say the remake is better then the american Starblazers dub.

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