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File: 1360609212493.jpg (1.69 MB, 3000x1940)
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Here's the deal. You can live with your waifu, in your world or hers. But, after a short time, she will discover your browser history, and any doujins, manga, or whatever you have fapped to.

Do you take the deal? Will she still like you?
That sounds like quite a retarded dilemma, and one that has little to do with /a/ even if you shoehorn the term waifu into it.
she would probably use it as a chance to learn from humans, she probably wouldn't think it was weird because she wouldn't really understand why it is weird.
But what if I always clear my history?
How can you say you love her if you can't even share your shitting dicknipples futa porn with her?
Since it's obviously a yes for everyone, a better question would be this:

You can clear one doujin from your history, which one is it?
File: doubble.jpg (71.08 KB, 560x420)
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71.08 KB JPG

1) She's a scientist
2) I don't discriminate to what I fap to

Telling her that I have an intellectual curiosity to see everything "just because it exist" shouldn't be to hard for her to grasp.

Besides she's.. well her.

None of them. A true man doesn't regret the decisions he has made, he lives by them.
File: 1375674191398.jpg (196.30 KB, 800x1413)
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196.30 KB JPG
I've never fapped to a doujin of her and I'm sure she's done some pretty freaky shit so I doubt she'd care
File: table-kun.jpg (103.69 KB, 456x304)
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103.69 KB JPG
that is the chick who fucked the table right
Hm. Yes, I would make that deal.

My doujin history isn't too depraved, and I've never fapped to her. She'd handle it.
>mai waifu's face when
I'm more worried about what I'll find in her browsing history.
You made the right choice
Of course I'd make that deal. Even if she ends up rejecting me eventually I'd still be in the 2D world.
File: fire.gif (2.20 MB, 480x360)
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ive never fapped to my waifu so yes
File: kona_chan.jpg (116.49 KB, 400x601)
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She would only love me more.
File: 1333173480750.jpg (17.53 KB, 256x204)
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>tfw you've fapped to your waifu as a loli getting raped
I don't think that'd go over well
I will definitely take the deal. I always read doujins on private browsing and I think my waifu will understand that a healthy boy would need to fap.

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