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File: 聲 (1).jpg (788.55 KB, 900x1350)
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This is Japanese -> Chinese -> English translation.

Typesetting this is strictly forbidden.


[A week has past]
[I never ended up going to the bridge where Nishimiya was]
Chapter 22: I want to know
Text top: Total sale exceeded 40,000! The new volume 2 is selling quickly!
Text right: Because Ueno and Nishimiya met, the things that were built up collapsed. When he wants to start doing something, will he stop again?

[The reason I didn’t go,]
[Was due to a combination of being busy with midterms, and…]

[having started working part time again that week.]
It’s so helpful to have a boy around the store~

U: Are you forcing yourself to be their friend?
U: Your friendship game.
background: Ha ha ha ha
[It was not because I was bothered by those words.]
[Definitely not.]
File: 聲 (2).jpg (610.49 KB, 900x1350)
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610.49 KB JPG
sfx: ding ling ding ling
[Story summary: The old classmate who hates Nishimiya, Ueno, has met Nishimiya again. Ueno said some hateful words, “Shouya is forcing himself,” “it’s only a friendship game.” When Shouko asked Shouya what Ueno said, Shouya didn’t translate it for Shouko and instead just brushed it off.

MotY: Oh Yuzuru…
MotY: Shouya is over there.

S: Yo

Y: Um…
S: Hm?
>Typesetting this is strictly forbidden.
File: 聲 (3).jpg (442.91 KB, 900x1350)
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442.91 KB JPG
Y: Ishida, is there someone you’re going out with right now?
S: … No.

Y: Is the person called Ueno…
Y: your friend?

S: Huh? Eh? Don’t say weird things.
S: Um? She’s only an old classmate.

S: And my relationship with her is below “friends.” It’s like how I’m with most people.
S: Nishimiya? Did Nishimiya ask?

Y: No, it’s just something I was curious about.
Y: (I’ve always liked you)
File: 聲 (4).jpg (534.70 KB, 900x1350)
534.70 KB
534.70 KB JPG
Panel 4:
Y: Fuwahahaha
S: So…
S: Is your business done already?

Y: It’s not, but… Nevermind.
Y: I’m heading back…

S: Oh really…

S: Be careful on your way back.
Y: Um.
>Typesetting this is strictly forbidden.
File: 聲 (5).jpg (532.86 KB, 900x1350)
532.86 KB
532.86 KB JPG
U: Eh?
U: Is that the little brother?

Y: Bro…
Y: Excuse me---
U: Who was that?
S: A kid from the neighbourhood.
File: 聲 (6).jpg (592.10 KB, 900x1350)
592.10 KB
592.10 KB JPG
Is there something you want?

U: Haha.
U: Um…

U: I wanted to say something I forgot to before.

U: Ishida, you…
U: Have been ostracized ever since grade 6, right?

U: And…
U: It would be nice if I were to go and talk to you…
U: … Was what I kept on thinking.
U: But in reality…

U: Even until graduating from middle school, I never…
U: I might be a bit regretful?

Because Japanese -> Chinese -> English is absolutely disgusting and I feel dirty for doing it.
cute Maria.
Fair 'nuff, ain't there a Japanese scan yet?
Oh here comes the attempt at redemption!
File: 聲 (7).jpg (751.52 KB, 900x1350)
751.52 KB
751.52 KB JPG
U: … I want to apologize to you for that...
File: 聲 (8).jpg (667.12 KB, 900x1350)
667.12 KB
667.12 KB JPG
It isn't translated but I can tell.
Ueno is getting...

S: I don’t care about things related to myself; Rather, you should hurry up and go apologize to Nishimiya!

S: You’ve also said some awful things to her…!
S: And then there’s last week’s too…!

S: Go apologize to Nishimiya. If she forgives you,
S: Then I’ll accept your apology as well…

U: Huh…?
File: 1390043606084.png (115.69 KB, 485x407)
115.69 KB
115.69 KB PNG
File: 聲 (9).jpg (704.76 KB, 900x1350)
704.76 KB
704.76 KB JPG
U: What the heck’s with that? Feels super disgusting…

U: I only wanted to apologize to you, why do I have to say it to Nishimiya too?
U: Are you preparing to be her guardian or something?

U: I… I don’t want to be forgiven by Nishimiya at all!
U: But you…


U: I only… I only want to take back…
U: the lost time between you and me…
U: The time that was lost because of Nishimiya…!
Uh-oh, she about to do something to Shouko isn't she? She is getting mad jealous.
He was so affected by her words he turned QUALITY for a bit.
File: 聲 (10).jpg (573 KB, 900x1350)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
S: Go home.
S: I don’t want to see you.
U: Nishimiya’s actually thinking the same thing.
U: That person’s good at smiling innocently.
File: 聲 (11).jpg (618.07 KB, 900x1350)
618.07 KB
618.07 KB JPG
S: Go home.
S: I don’t want to see you.
U: Nishimiya’s actually thinking the same thing.
U: That person’s good at smiling innocently.

N: Go home.
N: I don’t want to see your face.
Abaj abaj abaj abaj
File: 聲 (12).jpg (601.29 KB, 900x1350)
601.29 KB
601.29 KB JPG
Y: Ishida.

Y: That friendly smile is something sis is used to.
Y: Even I can make that expression.

Y: So it doesn’t matter.

Y: Rather than that, since you showed up, her expression has been becoming more varied.
Y: I’m very happy about that.

I: Yuzuru…

Y: I’m not saying this to cheer you up.
Y: Don’t think too hard about it.
>Gotta not look at the water mark. If I ignore it it'll go away.
File: 聲 (13).jpg (675.23 KB, 900x1350)
675.23 KB
675.23 KB JPG
That last line should've been "Don't think too deeply about it.

Y: Also, go to the bridge on Tuesday.
Y: Shouko seems to have something to give you.

Y: Bye…
No, Yuzuru…
I’m the kind of guy who can’t move forward unless I think deeply about things.
File: 聲 (14).jpg (645.82 KB, 900x1350)
645.82 KB
645.82 KB JPG
K: Eh?
K: You want Nao-chan’s contact info?
K: It’s something you should have after all.

K: Here,
K: Good luck!
I: Thanks…

sfx: beep beep.

Subject: To Ueno

[Ueno, this is Ishida.]

[About yesterday… How should I say this… It felt kind of weird. I’m sorry about that.]
[I was being preachy but I was not in a position to say those things.]
File: 聲 (15).jpg (469.85 KB, 900x1350)
469.85 KB
469.85 KB JPG
[So, please forgot about those things I said.]
[Thank you for coming.]
[Well, see you next time.]
screen: Send

And then…

So fast…
sub: Well, see you next time
I would’ve went even if you didn’t say it!!
See you next time.

Next time…
File: 1387587313905.jpg (52.70 KB, 411x251)
52.70 KB
52.70 KB JPG
>[Thank you for coming.]
>[Well, see you next time.]
File: 聲 (16).jpg (797.70 KB, 900x1350)
797.70 KB
797.70 KB JPG
[I didn’t meet you at the bridge last time not because of exams or part time job.]
[It was because your smile when you see me makes me lose confidence.]

[So I want to know how you feel.]
“What are you two talking about?”
Ah, Ishida-kun.
[Harem Intensifies]
>[Harem Intensifies]
Fucking dropped.
File: 聲 (17).jpg (593.97 KB, 900x1350)
593.97 KB
593.97 KB JPG
I: Eh?

I: Where’s Nishimiya?
S: She had a stomachache just now and went back.

I: (Why did this…)
I: Oh really. Is she ok…?
Y: Well… I think she was bullshitting.

I+S: Bullshitting?
Y: Oh that’s right, Ishida. Go to the bakery in front of the next station and buy some bread.

I: Why?
Y: Feed for the koi fishes! Shouko went back so the koi fishes’ tummies are starving!
I: Eh… Why me…

Y: Nevermind, just go!
Y: It has to be the bakery in front of the station! That store’s is tasty!
I: What a pain…!

So Nishimiya isn’t here…
In that case, I’m not able to speak to her for two straight weeks.
File: 聲 (18).jpg (603.18 KB, 900x1350)
603.18 KB
603.18 KB JPG
[Is your stomach ok?]
[I was going to talk to you about something at the bridge today.]

[It’s about what Ueno said not long ago. I wanted to tell you what she said.]
[Ueno said this about us.]

[Are you forcing yourself to be friends with them?]

[Friendship game]

Hey guys, what if all this "friendship game," none-sense is actually foreshadowing for Ueno being the one playing. As much as he tries to X her, there is a small hope in him that they can be friends, so when he finally lets down his guard, she'll dump pigs blood on his head at the prom or whatever the jap equivalent is.
File: 聲 (19).jpg (490.48 KB, 900x1350)
490.48 KB
490.48 KB JPG
[Our relationship]
[Isn’t something like a friendship game right?]
sfx; Giii

I: (She replied)
I’ve thought of that before
File: 聲 (20).jpg (612.22 KB, 900x1350)
612.22 KB
612.22 KB JPG
[But I don’t like friendship game.]
[So please don’t say anything about it being a game.]

[I want to get to know more about you.]

Bottom: He hasn’t seen Shouko for two weeks. After hearing “I want to know” for the first time, what will Shouya say?

The Chinese translation isn’t making crystal clear sense in the last few pages. Will have to wait for the public Japanese raws to come out Monday and see...

File: img000041.png (285.62 KB, 910x1300)
285.62 KB
285.62 KB PNG
Oh that suture…
You can see the exact moment where he realized that he really wanted people to apologize to him.
FYI for people that are wondering. No that damage (if it's not quality) wasn't caused by Ueno or Shouya they both removed her left hearing aid.
Next chapter he takes Nishimiya to meet his family,(they've actually never been formally introduced I think) as part of the "getting to know each other better" thing.

>Shouya:"Hey, wait a minute, isn't this what couples do?"
>Queue tons of teasing from mom and sister while Nishimiya looks confused but plays with brown loli
>Ueno furiously looking through the window.
Your translation is much better than my shitty translation. I learn a lot from you!

Here take it. They released the last page from raw.
We definitely appreciate your work too anon!
File: Ueno c19 dot dot dot.png (23.44 KB, 244x350)
23.44 KB
23.44 KB PNG
But I also don't like pretending to be friends / pretend friends / playing make-believe friends / game of pretend.
Therefore, so that no one would say thing like 'pretending,'

I want to get to know more about you.

Text bottom: Having not seen Shouko for two weeks, Shouya hears the words, "I want to know." What will Shouya convey?


Thanks. Makes more sense in Japanese.

It would be hard to translate well into a language you're not fluent in to begin with. Try to make things flow, sound natural, write what people would naturally say to convey their message.
File: Out of Spaghetti.png (7.51 KB, 139x233)
7.51 KB
7.51 KB PNG
>You will never be stalked by Ueno.
>Yuzuru will never chill and watch TV at your house.
>You will never have a stack of the latest manga magazines at your house.
>A girl will never instantly reply to your text message.
>A girl will never ship you with her sister.
>You will never meet ponytail Shouko.
File: images.jpg (4.65 KB, 163x180)
4.65 KB
4.65 KB JPG
I use English exclusively for academic uses, like writing paper, discussing formally, seldom have the chance to talk to anyone in a normal conservation in English except in 4ch, guess I participate more here then

>Implying Ueno won't already be inside his house waiting to create more awkwardness.
I wonder if Yuzu and Ueno will antagonize each other.
File: Ueno sees your dick.png (48.15 KB, 348x671)
48.15 KB
48.15 KB PNG
I want to see Ueno's excited face as she types up that message.
Hopefully she'll be nicer to his friends now.
Goddamn she's desperate, most girls seem to have an unwritten rule not to ever reply instantly and instead wait a few hours, not sure if it's the same for japs though.
Her love is pure anon.
I suppose you mean "theirs" because Shouko replies instantly too.
#4. bullshit. you're right about the rest.
why is shouko avoiding ishida for 2 weeks?
Other way around. Ishida avoided Shouko. Because he wasn't sure why he was being her friend.
This Koe no Katachi thread has been surprisingly dead compared to post weeks'. Is it the time of the day?
I can't really understand these translations, I'm waiting for another translation.

So I don't really wanna post about the latest chapter.
>I can't really understand these translations
What? How?
The translation just feels weird as fuck, when I read the previous chapter on batoto compared to thunderclouds translation I felt like I was reading a completely different story.

Immersion is also broken a little by no typesetting.

No offense to thundercloud and his translations, I appreciate the work.
File: 1005453-EWC0HX6.jpg (78.16 KB, 630x623)
78.16 KB
78.16 KB JPG
But there's nothing difficult to understand, maybe some grammar errors but you can understand what the dialogues say.
These are translations for the ones who are impatient for the scans
This is the moest non mentally handicapped thing I've ever seen
> Her ear

I will never not get mad at this.
I still don't understand what's that wound.
It can't be from Shouya ripping her aid out years before
I'm thinking it's an incindent yet to be revealed.

Maybe some decorative herring being forcefully pulled off ?
File: 136233850967.jpg (116 KB, 658x510)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
My rage will burn endlessly through the sky and put the sun to shame
More like "Moe no Katachi", right?
Hello there, moe-kun. Haven't seen you in a while
File: 1389342244961.jpg (19.12 KB, 187x256)
19.12 KB
19.12 KB JPG
I've been waiting for this.
>that hair
I've waited for this moment finally someone says sorry.

I have a feeling though she's gonna say sorry again at one point that time with more tears.
We already had thread yesterday, so I think people got it out of their system at least until RAW day.
Whadda heck is he doing with his hand?
stretching he was sitting down for a while.
A wild waifu appears.

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