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So I'm going through Berserk for the first time, right? And thankfully I've come in late enough that most volumes have been translated by people OTHER than this shitty Band of Hawk translation, so I only have to suffer through a few volumes of shitty translations/horrible names when I come across this gem.

This douchebag is calling the author's OFFICIAL ROMANIZATIONS "mangled transliteration" when their own work was a transliteration rather than adapting western sounding names to western spelling conventions. This is priceless shit right here. How people could suffer through this groups scans for, like, the entire series is something I can barely grasp.
Just starting? I actually just 'finished' it today. Translation didn't bother me too much.
In case it's unclear I'm at volume 27, which is just after Guts puts on the Berserk armor for the first time. Last volume aside, I've been reading the Dark Horse official releases. Official translation is good, but Band of the Hawk presents a noticeable dip in quality, even with basic sentence structure, yet they have the gall to defend their shit.

Well, when you had no other options I guess it was hard to find a good reason to complain.

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