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The suffering in this movie is such a sweet nectar. It was a breath of fresh air when they took the plot to a logical conclusion rather than making up some ass-pull so Fuse could be with the girl.

However, there was one thing I don't get. Was there some underlying message to the whole thing? I've heard people call this anime "deep" and "thought-provoking", but a lot of people say that when they're really just mean "hurrrrrr muh feels". I guess there's the whole it's-not-always-a-happy-ending message, but I still feel like i'm not seeing the big picture.
It's been a while so I don't know what could be DEEP about it, but the first and last minutes of the movie are the best
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>Was there some underlying message to the whole thing?
Something something about the duality of human nature. Fuse was torn between the choice of staying loyal to his unit and family (his wolf-like side) and his desire to run away with the girl he seemed to have genuine feelings for. At least that's my naive take on it.
alright, good enough for me.
There's also some political undertones concerning Japan in the 60s, I don't remember the details though.
It was all right. I would not go as far as calling it good or anything better than good.
The only thing that bothered me with the movie is the HEAVY amount of symbolism of little red riding hood.

Sure if they mentioned the compairson of the characters to the fairy tale at the end of the movie, so when one rewatchs it, the viewer wouldve picked up the clues throughout it making the connection, that would make it one of my favorites.
I watched it for the armor designs.
I like how apparent and obvious it was. Like Fuse reading a copy of German Little Red Riding Hood, if memory serves right. The characters themselves are aware of the obvious parallels at play, yet they can't prevent or alter the course of the story.

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