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File: CLANNAD.full.213438.jpg (149.25 KB, 1024x768)
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What the fuck?

It had some good episodes that was really sad so I kept thinking that the ending would have something like that to..

But she just found some pictures, became depressed for 12 hours and everyone cheered her on and it was over with? Fuck that, clannad sucks and I will not watch the after story.

Your thoughts on this anime?
File: 1356986488078.jpg (56.25 KB, 1280x720)
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>not watching After Story
The suffering hasn't even started
Just watch After Story. It's much, much better than Clannad.
I think Nagisa dies.
This is what I was told about Clannad also, but it was a huge disappointment in the end.

And what was up with that starfish girl not even waking up, but instead popping up at random situations.
AS was terrible,it BARELY had Fuko, aka the only reason to like Clannad
Are you mentally ill?
I was about to bait you further, but I couldn't even bring myself to go that far.

Fuko a shit.
Fuko was God.
everything that happens in the Clannad series is overwatched by Fuko, she tinkers with events as she sees fit to keep the world intact.
She even kills off someone in After Story because that cunt couldn't accept the way of the starfish.
>doesn't watch the rest of the story
>complains about loose ends


You haven't even gotten to the top of the first hill of the feel-o-coaster this show will give you.
OP is a faggot

End yourself
hey! don't do that.

Fuko is the only reason to like Clannad.
OP don't listen to the trolls, watch After story right now.

If you got depressed by some episodes of the 1st season, After story will tear you apart.

Just marathon the 2nd half alone in a dark room for maximum effect.

Oh and don't forget to bring some tissues. Good luck!
I don't care if this is bait or not. You simply do not deserve to live. Kill yourself. No one will miss you.
File: 333666999.jpg (65.09 KB, 1280x720)
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Clannad After Story is better but even then, it's really overrated. Watch/Read Little Busters; Key, themselves, claim it to be their masterpiece and rightfully so.

True friendship trumps forced drama/deus ex machinas.
>Key, themselves, claim it to be their masterpiece
This gets thrown around a lot for both Clannad and LB. Do you have a source on that or are you just spouting bullshit?

>Watching adaptations of Key works
File: 1381095363919.jpg (66.14 KB, 668x716)
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>in the end

You aren't even close to the end you shit. Finish AS and then we can talk.
This is exactly the same as people watching Neon Genesis Evagnelion and refusing to watch EoE because the story didn't make sense at the end.
>Implying those people didn't mean Clannad as a whole.

Seriously. It don't mean jack shit until AS.
Is it even possible to use those two things in a sentence together?
File: 1389421131799.png (387.89 KB, 637x480)
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Nagisa Dies
Can someone just summarize Clannad for me

I'm not going to watch something with these ridiculous faces

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