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>tfw this will never get fleshed out in a 25+ episode season like it should have

why the fuck did they plan it for 12 episodes, ruin the character development and crunch the ending? why does it hurt so bad ;_;
13 episodes*, my bad
Because it would still sell a buttload.
>posting a generic anime picture with the most generic-looking characters knowing the market is inundated with other similar generic-looking anime characters
At least there's the VN coming.
The anime felt very rushed I blame Obama. Also, whoever set that budget.
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>he hasn't seen angel beats
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true, but from what i read on the wiki there's only going to be 3 routes until autumn, and even then the rest of the volumes wont be out until autumn 2016. i could be wrong of course, just what i read, but damn
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>mfw we didn't get to see TK's, Ooyama's or the 5th's sendoffs

Why would they do that.
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because they hate us anon.

because they hate our feelings
That's speculative and highly optimistic, anon.
We don't know if they can actually pull it off without any delays.
>thinking the side cast needed development
AB was top seller of its year regardless of what minority scumbags want to believe
fuck, how long could it possibly take to make it? I mean i've never developed a VN but it can't be that difficult right?
Take note that the announcement for the project was also held back some time.

It took more than one year from the first steps of the VN to the official announcement.
have they said any reason for the hold backs? there's gotta be something.
At least Iwasawa's going to be in the first volume. She was by far the best girl and didn't get near enough screen time.
It's probably just wanting to show people something polished as opposed to generating hype for content done with haste.

Pretty much this. Putting Iwasawa and Yui first is a great decision on their part, since they were the characters with substantial enough story content that is not part of the Final Five.

That reminds me, why is Naoi, of all people, part of the last five people to leave the Afterlife?

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