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So I want to watch an anime with this girl I like. She's not really into it. I wanted to pick one I haven't seen but I don't want it to be a blunder either. Is Princess Jellyfish okay? And, as far as dubs go, does it have a decent one? I can probably convince her to watch either but if the dub is decent that would be a lot simpler.
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The trap might turn her off, unless you know it doesn't bother her.
Otherwise, an OK choice.
Her boyfriend is bisexual. Whoops did I not mention she had a boyfriend? Well, I am too anyway. She definitely won't mind.

Thanks, though. Probably going to go for the sub unless anyone can vouch for the dub.
Try Tatami Galaxy.
Any good romance?
normie pls go
Me and the girl live in different continents. Can I stay?
Hmm...does the girl like you? The way you make it sound makes me think she doesn't. Watching anime with someone who already doesn't like it is a surefire way to ensure they remain uninterested in you.
If trying your best to get a girl to like you while the answer literally lies in front of you is not good romance... then clannad or now and then here and there, or anything. google.
>If trying your best to get a girl to like you while the answer literally lies in front of you is not good romance
It just might be, anon. It just might.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot too.
Anime doesn't matter cause you guys should be on each other in the first 10 minutes of the show.
I would probably start with Naruto if I were you, OP.

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