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How can i feel the void in my heart? Just re-watched it again. I want to travel, trade, have a romantic relationship with a wolf god, etc.

Though maybe it's just holo's voice. I don't think i could watch it with a different VA.
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Man you just gotta understand, shes just a cartoon, nothing will make her real. You gotta owe it to yourself to stand up and take charge of your life, theres a real holo out in the real world for you somewhere. Inside, her subconscious screams out for you and you're the only thing that could fill her void. You can find her, listen to that voice thats calling to you and be important to someone. I know you can do it anon theres no way you'll be a lonely waifu faggot forever, the world is your oyster and its up to you to make your own adventure, set your own goal and find your own pilgrimage. It sure as hell won't just fall out of the sky for you, take courage and wisdom with you, execute strength and pride and you will be unstoppable.

You know Holo would want you to do that.
You are too good for this world /a/non
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This is why I don't have a waifu, because I'm not a desperate idiot who believes in cartoons like one would real life. I may be lonely but I differ and separate myself from my fantasies I wish I had with the fantasies I know I can make real. If some 20 year old bum like me can see that he has more potential in this world than just animes and cartoons, then surely anyone of greater caliber could easily make that distinction as well. Its not impossible, but its not easy. Making dreams a reality is sometimes just an over glorified lie when your dreams are too perfect for your imperfections. Making real dreams a real reality is all you need to see the world for what it actually is and not by unfathomable thoughts.
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bump because Holo is fucking awesome
op here and i agree. I'm not that far gone. It just ideals and nice ideas. I don't consider myself to have a waifu, i was taking in the nice atmosphere of the show and wanting something equally relaxing.
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You want something relaxing and cozy as fuck, start reading the Novels by book 17 you'll have a complete understanding of Holo and Lawrence
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i may do that, thanks for the novel number info.
I remember that scene where lawrence puts his palm on her forehead and she blushes because it means intimacy or something in wolf culture

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