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File: watamote.png (521.64 KB, 922x692)
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521.64 KB PNG
Did it end?

also, can someone e-mail me the ending song in mp3? Or any old Ranma or Evangelion mp3s? Or any anime mp3s you have?

What's worth watching now? I'm not super-nerd like you guys are - I'm now downloading shit.

If it's not on animeseason.com or crunchyroll or some other free site I dont give a shit.

(but seriously, I loved this fucking watamote show)

*holds up spork*
File: 1350106247559.jpg (44.60 KB, 400x400)
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44.60 KB JPG
Aw c'mon guys I'm old. I'm not up on the technology like you guys are.

Just e-mail me some Tenchi Muyo mp3s and we'll call it good.

(no but seriously, what happened to this show?)
post the rest faggot
19 isn't old fag
File: =3.jpg (180.02 KB, 640x480)
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180.02 KB JPG
thats an interesting thread, too bad its probably bait

LOL Try 32 faggots. I remember anime when that shit was Robotech, and we didn't have the internet fulla faggots complaining they butchered the three series.

Oh also, how do extract the audio from online videos and turn them into wavs. You remember wavs right? It's was the shit we traded in 1998 and made soundboards on newgrounds.

I just want some funny anime wav clips.
File: 1351282007809.jpg (51.72 KB, 696x785)
51.72 KB
51.72 KB JPG
Don't you have an old folks home to check in to, grandma?
Eh, I'll give you credit for staying in character but your posts aren't very rage-inducing. They make me cringe more than anything else.
10/10 made me respond before reporting and hiding
Some of the more original bait I've seen in a while.
Watamote? What's this shit? Some kawaii cartoon? Why don't you try watching anime for real men like Elfen Lied.
If this is real, you're a legend

If this is bait, 10/10

Believe me, me and this girl I know from grade school are working on it.

We're looking at you faggots and your My Little Pony like whatthefuck.

Linking Park and Imagine Dragonsa are alright but everything past 2005 or so gets hazy

You fucking kids today, you don't remember renting the old Area 88 from Blockbuster.

I try and keep up with you kids. I bought Azumanga and loved it, even if the content skewed a little young

Alright, so seriously, is there any site that has like an archive of old anime wav files? MP3s I'm sure they won't have, but wavs should be no problem, right?

Help out Grandpa guys, I need the help.
this is pretty good

a bit of a stretch
File: 1388051718937.png (169.69 KB, 339x340)
169.69 KB
169.69 KB PNG
>Linking Park and Imagine Dragonsa are alright

Pick one, I'm 54 faggot.
File: 1387623581530.jpg (104.27 KB, 674x587)
104.27 KB
104.27 KB JPG
Shut yer yap, take your pills and go to sleep, granny.
File: 1382727167898.png (20.02 KB, 344x135)
20.02 KB
20.02 KB PNG
>Linking Park and Imagine Dragonsa are alright but everything past 2005 or so gets hazy

Lost it at this line
>Alright, so seriously, is there any site that has like an archive of old anime wav files?
Shit, this just brought up long forgotten memories of 12 year-old me going to DBZ fan sites to download .wavs of the anime tracks. What the hell was wrong with me.
Okay I found a site; http://www.megawavs.com/ but the content is limited.

Oh but shit, they have Space Ghost Coast to Coast wavs, holy fuck - http://www.megawavs.com/cartoon-sounds.aspx?title=Space+Ghost&qty=12

"Maybe the script writers have writer's block"

"It's probably all that cheese they are eating. It seems like every other day someone is rolling a big 50 pound block of cheese in there... cheese will block you up."


You fucking kids, you don't know shit about Space Ghost Coast to Coast or MST3K or Watching Tenchi Muyo on the original toonami.and getting heartbroken they never had a correct final episode.

It's like Vietnam - YOU WEREN'T THERE, MAN!

>a bit of a stretch

How the FUCK can I be stretching, this is my life faggots.

Now seriously, e-mail some wavs and mp3s to Uncle Vroom Vroom, he's not good with the computer these days.
already stale bait

>Lost it at this line

Shut it asshole - you'll be old someday too.

You wanna know what sucks - seeing all of the 90s summed up as Nirvana songs on the radio.


>Shit, this just brought up long forgotten memories of 12 year-old me going to DBZ fan sites to download .wavs of the anime tracks. What the hell was wrong with me.

It's okay man, there's no judgements there.

It's was the 90s, corporate girl bands were getting imported from the 90s and we gave no fucks.


Girls were hot as fuck, back in the day, and I completely missed it.

No judgements.
Thread is now a 90s nostalgia thread

You kids today, you don't know what the fuck. You think Sandy Hook was bad, Klebold and Harris shot up a high school, the first real school shooting sicne like 1908

Pearl Jam sucks, but Jeremy was dope as fuck
90s as fuck, kid brings a gun to school, commits suicide in front of class. Banned from MTV. You could totally see them not wanting to take responsibility for someone being inspired by the video.

We were fucking hardcore with our music videos. You kids today, and your twerking don't know what the fuck.
Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch


LOL, lowbrow humor. This video was banned from MTV because they beat on two gay sailors in one scene. Now you can't even speak a word about gay degeneracy without being labelled a homophobe.
File: 1389475287540.png (86.57 KB, 487x487)
86.57 KB
86.57 KB PNG
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the

What is this?

It's a whole lot of awsome music you faggots today don't know about.

We had hotter chicks too. Miley is just some tiny-tittied bitch that had a fanmous father, Pure nepotism.

Britney Spears - Baby One more Time
This bitch blew up the charts like you would not believe. The schoolgirl outfit bit and the Rolling Stone cover was the hot topic of the moment. She would go on to set all-time records for albums sold by a female artist.

Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
Britney's sluttier cousin! This video is like nursery school to the shit she put out later. But at the time, we had no idea.

JoJo - Leave (Get Out)
Jojo was late to the party, put out exactly one video, then dropped off the map. I guess two pop starlets was enough, 90s teens didn't need a third.
This thread sure is different.
Just finished this myself. Perfect fucking waifu. But this october we'll be getting an OVA. So there's that to look forward too.
Eminem - My Name Is
LOL everyone lost their shit over Eminem, just completely lost it. Bill O'Reilly damn near had an aneurysm because of him. What's amazing is how soft and pop this song is compared to everything he put out later. Very lulzy in retrospect.

Limp Bizkit
For good or evil, can't talk about the 90s without Mr. Durst. This song was blamed for the riots at Woodstock 1999. MTV refused to play this too, until they released the most watered-down, milktoast video they possibly could.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was huge, and we had only an inkling of how off the rails she'd go. This was played on MTV constantly:
She's promoting Mean Girls, which was its own huge thing in 2000. I like the bit when someone confuses her with Hilary Duff and she loses it for a sec, they had a HUGE rivalry at the time. There was a Betty vs. Veronica vibe at the time, and she was definitely the Veronica.
File: 1349404274113.jpg (70.96 KB, 557x433)
70.96 KB
70.96 KB JPG
>this whole thread



Kid Rock - Bawitdaba
Kid Rock blew in outta nowhere and blew things up with redneck guitar rock in 1999, but if you had followed him from the 80s it was like night and day, Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast is the most Detroit rap album you ever heard. He obviously had a studio makeover.

The tail end of the angsty 90s grunge, paved the way for Evanescence.

No Doubt - Just A Girl
Another girl who can rock - Tragic Kingdom just sold crazy numbers.

After they put out hit album after hit album, everyone just about knew Gwen Stefani would go solo. But at the time we had no clue.

Shut up asshole, get out of my cool 90s nostalgia thread.

There's no judgements in here. Limp Bizkit sold a billion copies of Three Dollar Bill Y'all, no one admits to buying one.

Smash Mouth - All Star
Every 90s movie ended with this song over the credits.

Len - Steal My Sunshine
It wasn't all nihilistic 90s angst... there was some indy-pop in there...

Romeo and Juliet soundtrack
Decent album, every girl in the 90s just about lost their shit over this movie.

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
Then girls DEFINITELY lost their damn minds over Titanic.

MTV had TRL, and actually played music videos, even if they only played some for like ten seconds, and most of the time Britney, Cristina, the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync dominated most of it.
hope we get a public ban here
Where are the mods?

Fine fine, I have some anime nostalgia for you:

Ranma 1/2, Neon genesis Evangelion, Akira, Sailor Moon (anime in general)

Holy shit anime. While anime technically hit US shores with Astro Boy in the 50s, and really arrived with Robotech in the 80s, the shit released in the 90s was ruthless.

Back then, anime was expensive to license and release, so only the best of the best made across the pond.

While everyone knows JK Rowling is the richest woman in Britain for writing Harry Potter, almost no-one knows who Rumiko Takahashi is, or that she was once the richest woman in Japan for writing the serialized manga/comic Ranma 1/2

For 90s teen agst, you cant beat Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The series sole letdown is the last episode, which I won't spoil.

Ranma 1/2 is a standard harem comedy that did not age well. Leave those memories in the past guys.

Probably too busy rocking out to awesome 90s music:

Technically 89, but still counts - NIN - Head like a Hole

NIN - The Downward Sprial - the entire album was god-like, very 90s.

He had a partnership with Marilyn Manson, until things turned south:

Stone Temple Pilots - Core
This album kinda sucked, but I bought it anyway, cuz hey, it was the 90s.

Samshing Pumpkins Siamese Dream was god-like, though.
File: 1388821562208.jpg (80.87 KB, 379x364)
80.87 KB
80.87 KB JPG
did you report? i actually didn't report yet even though i'm waiting on them now
File: 1388968460771.gif (2.09 MB, 450x338)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF

What you should wait on is this awesome 90s anime nostalgia:

Sailor Moon, along with Dragonball Z and Cardcaptor Sakura, was what introduced me to anime. There was another show, I can't remember the name, but it had a brief airtime before it was pulled for too much violence. I saw the only few episodes. RONAN WARRIORS, oh lawd, now that was a show.

This is later 90s, but still counts.

There's no shame here guys, only anime nostalgia
I already did.
You fucking kids today, and your limewire and dowloading anime on a t1 connection, you don't know shit

You don't know how big of a deal mp3 downloading was, back in the day,. because it was so new, and media execs fucking HATED it.

Bill O'reilly, moral voice of america, gravely warned parents to make sure their parents weren't doing that napster stuff and illegal downloading mp3s

Movies couldn't be DL'd back then, they were too big.

It seemed like every week, some granny lady was brought up on charges cuz her kid DL'd some CD she had no clue about.

It was like, a thing.

We all rejoiced in sticking it to the man (CDs cost like $20 each back then)

Oh also, If your parents were rich enough, if you had the CD burner, you could charge people to burn CDs. CD burners weren't standard back then

The fact that Apple computers had a Rp Mix Burn advertising campaign pissed of Michael Eisner then-CEO of Disney and he testified before Congress about it. That pissed off Steve Jobs and soured relations between Apple-funded Pizar and Disney. They wouldn't make up until Michael Eisner left Disney

I remember paying for some of Eminem's rare shit, even into the 2000s
File: 1331961737938.jpg (20.36 KB, 240x320)
20.36 KB
20.36 KB JPG
>Ranma 1/2 is a standard harem comedy
Hah. It was a show with an interesting and fun as fuck premise: a MC who switches gender whenever he enters in contact with water. That was a brilliant take on gender bender stories; it was and is anything but standard, kinda like your idiocy.
(Hey I'm still waiting for those anime mp3s and wav files BTW)


Oh, this is another thing, Eminem was huge, but if you remember, on his first album, he dissed ICP.

This was becasue Em and ICP had a HUGE rivalry, back in Detroit.

But ICP have nothing but time on their hands and made this:


The butthurt, it was glorious. Just pure anal devastation from the Eminem camp. ICP are nobodies, but they fucking DESTROYED him.

Obviously they could never release this officially, but mp3s of this spread like fucking wildfire

It was like the "twerking" of its day - it was like the big thing of the moment if you were internet-savvy
>(Hey I'm still waiting for those anime mp3s and wav files BTW)
Please just learn to Google.

No, it's a harem comedy, that's why it never saw air in the US, even though it was moving huge numbers in Japan

Also, I'm gonna educate you anons:

>Empire Records (a MUST see, BTW)

Kind of a proto-Kevin Smith kinda film, witha hot young Liv Tyler; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxsb4iBOG_M

Anons are also required to see SLC Punk

(Also, Kevin Smith films were huge with the Gen X crowd)

You can't just search for ".mp3" anymore it doesn't pull up shit, it just pulls up a ton of malware.

also, let me school you on obscuire 90s alternative, just so you all don't think it was nothing but Nirvana or someshit:

another 90s band - Eels - Novocaine for the Soul
No one remembers this band either.

Orbit - Bicycle
90s grunge from Boston no one has heard of.
>yfw there are people in their 30s with great grandchildren
>mostly black people
geez maybe you should git gud with some media converters and fucking basic google
>parents to make sure their parents weren't doing that napster stuff
>media converters

what's a media converter?

How do I google these mp3s, specifically?

You can't just e-mail me a few tracks? You guys probably have terrabytes of this shit. Just shoot me off an e-mail

Real fucking difficult. If you can use 4chan you can use google.

seriously, it was a thing. Parents were terrified they'd be hauled into court on charges, cuz a lot of them were. Bill O'reilly was clearly being paid by the media companies to scare the parents so they'd lecture the kids.

You fucking kids today, you have no idea.

Alright, what the best media converter to use? Is there one that's freeware like Audacity?
Holy fuck this thread.

I have to commend you OP for keeping up character this long.

Honestly Robotech was a little before my time, but everyone slightly older than me who watched it loved it.

I tried watching it a year or two ago - it's crap.

Well made kid's show, but still crap.

But for the time, the big twist halfway through was mind-blowing for kids of that age.

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