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So I'm only 3 years late, but I finally watched Arrietty and I was pleasantly surprised. It retained the charm that makes all Ghiblis great, while being different. It was beautiful, a little sad, scary and exciting. I was particularly impressed by the art and sound work.

What did /a/ think about it?
i can't speak for everyone, but i personally enjoyed it a great deal. i came across it while surfing my cox cable free movies menu, and since it was clearly an anime movie i watched it immediately.
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Threads are being bumped down too fast.
Also, did anyone read the novel it was based on?
I loved this, it was like the oldschool Secret of NIMH movie. Man the first half was tense; I was half expecting Pod to get eaten by the cat.
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I felt the same, I was so quickly attached to Arrietty's family and felt worried for them the whole time.
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I guess Saturday night /a/ doesn't care about this film. ;_;
It was boring and Miyazaki hasn't made a complete movie since Mononoke.
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But it wasn't a Miyazaki. People often seem to think that Ghibli equates to Miyazaki, which is simply not true.

Well, now you're making me sad. I'm out.
Bitch he wrote it. It's all on him.
I stand by my post.
The music ruined it for me, music plays always an important role in Ghibli movies and with Arietty they blew it choosing that breton? bitch to make the whole soundtrack.

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