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After seeing Wake up Girls, I've decided, after years of it being in my backlog, to watch The Idolm@ster and ep three is almost making me cringe as bad as yesterday's WUG episode. Other eps in Idolm@ster aren't as cringe making as this are they?
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Some are. Most aren't.

No they aren't. Yukiho is the most awkward one (even Chihaya doesn't hold a candle to her) and that was her episode.

Keep watching for delicious idol sakuga.
People seem to forget that you can drop things in your backlog. It's like everyone thinks that once it's in your backlog it's a permanent contract you can't let go of without paying with your life or finishing it.
I love the Makoto episode.

Makoto is best girl!~
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Phew, that's a relief

And holy fuck Yukiho is moe as fuck.
I can see why /a/ loves this show so damn much and I'm kicking myself for not watching it earlier!
File: yukiho-camera.gif (1.25 MB, 500x281)
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Unfortunately you won't be seeing too much of her. She gets the short stick when it comes to screen time.
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I'm surprised to see a Yukiho fan, but congrats. Check out her PSP story and free routes and imas 2 route after the anime, all of hers are translated.

Still doesn't compare to Hibiki though. I think she had it worst.

I'm a Chihaya fan so I was plenty satisfied.
As a big Hibikifan, yeah her episode was pretty shitty. But I don't think she lacked that much screentime

The Namassuka trio obviously had the most screen time though.
File: dont like 9.jpg (34.50 KB, 216x528)
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Hibiki seemed to still have a presence in more episodes.

It's just that her episode was so awful, especially in comparison to the variety show in the previous episode.
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At least she's in iM@S Station, TWIAO and such. Honestly, Station does kind of make up for that.

I'm still bothered they gave her barely any screen time in Funky Note though.

Ah right, I was mostly thinking of her episode and somehow got the wrong idea in my head.
We still have OFA and that other imas channel slot. I feel bad for anyone who bought SF as STV is almost 100% better, if not for the OVAs and stories that are SF exclusive.
Yeah, can't wait for OFA. I fucking bought Funky Note three times. UMD, PSN and iOS.

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