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So, why didn't the Tamer kids ever get their monsters back, /a/?
Konaka doesn't allow happy endings
Because to be the best season it had to be the most memorable, by ripping your heart out and leaving an empty place there, forever
You didn't suffer enough to deserve it
I have mixed feelings about Tamers

I think the first half is amazing, but then they go to the digital world and everything goes to shit and they had to fight the most disappointing final boss

well, the first episodes in the digital world were alright, I suppose...everything before impmon evolved
How the fuck can you dislike the climax?
>final boss is a pink blob
>that spams smaller pink blobs
>and then turns into a pink loli
worst final enemy
I meant Beelzemon, the D-Reaper isn't the climax of the season, merely entropy made manifest
that's because it's meant to be a metaphor for the end of childhood. They can't get the digimon back the same way one can't get their childhood back.
>look, mommy, I learned a new word! Time to use it everywhere.
They lost far more than that though, and none of them get over it.

Takato lost his son

Jian lost his brother

Ruki lost her lover

To say that they have to let them go is rather insulting, since the monsters were characters themselves rather than extensions of the kids

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