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Any manga that focus on bromance and don't have any retarded chipmunk females getting in the way or stealing the spotlight?

So far all that springs to mind is:
and pic related Apocalypse no Toride

I also read Prison School but it doesn't but it doesn't fit what I'm looking for because the entire plot is bitches getting in the way.

The World is Mine doesn't count either because it's about one guys twisted dependency with a murderous psycopath rather than bros being bros.

Is there nothing else?
>wanting bromance
>not wanting bitches get in the way
So you want a washed down series about friendship? Because bitches getting in the way is the only true threat to bros and thus without them it would be boring shit. Prison school is bromance done right.
most generic battle shounens.
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Plot to Appocalypse no Toride so far is curing their bro.
Ajin is keeping bro out of harms way
Gangsta is to bros surviving gangwars with a fucked up class system thrown into the mix.

Prison school isn't what I'm looking for plus I'm already reading it anyway so think of something. Pick something else

Nanatsu no Taizai and One Piece okay I guess.
Boku no Pico

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