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Help me out here. I'm trying to remember the name of an old anime I used to... be aware of its existence. I don't think i watched more than five chapters.

It was essentially Beyblade but with Toy Cars. Some brat had to race his super-powerful radio toycar through some suddenly-appearing courses (Each race started and the course would magically stretch through the area) and win the race so that... I don't remember but I think winning the race scared the bad guys off each territory or something. It was pretty fucking awful, much like Beyblade in fact.
>>I don't think i watched more than five chapters

Just in case anyone is retarded enough, picture not related obviously.
Is it with 2 brothers and TAMIYA cars?
Demashita Kuruma no Sekai
God, Hayate no Gotoku parodied this too. Don't remember, but there's something to look up. There's even a wiki article on some site about all of the references.

Look on animesuki for that reference list. It's in an episode in the 30s I think.
Uhhh... perhaps... I dunno. The racing was of vital importance since it decided something about who controled what area or something like that. I remember the main kid was coached by the typical "old frustrated genius" type guy.

Bakunetsu Kyodai: Retsu and Go!! comes to mind.
Let's Go

just google them
was there super eurobeat?
Crush Gear Nitro?
hey i liked beyblade >_>
I can only remember one scene from Beyblade.

For some reason, I have to go through that steel door! DRAGOOON, ATTACK!!
*launches the top*

When I saw that, I fucking loled and swore to never watch it again.
THAT's the one, I just goggled an image and recognized the chick's clothes. Thanks.

Sadly no.
No, but there's Jam Project.

Not that it saves my interest in this series... (Or others like Yugioh GX and Rescue Robot)

heh. i was pretty young when i watched beyblade, and Kai made me doubt my sexuality xD but then i realized no guys in the real world are as hot as him and i could safely go back to being heterosexual ;p

but aside from the actual premise i like the show... spinning tops aside the animation,music and some of the char's were decent.
I was probably already too old for that. Or too critic, dunno. I had already passed through Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Yugioh and all these collectibles animu, so maybe it was the last straw for me...

this was post pokemon but pre yugioh for me. i actually have the first 3 dvds ^_^ but i havnt watched them in err.. years. when i get home for easter i'll see if i still like them or not...

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