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/a/, the movie

Have you seen it yet? It got amazing reviews.
>/a/, the movie
But the girl actually acknowledges him, so that can't be right.
Your waifu would acknowledge you anon, and help you grow into her perfect husband.
Why does every board think we would love this movie?

Fuck off
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Saw it. Was weird. Got weirder. Got boring. Got surprising.

Weird thing is that we're probably 20 years away from that happening for real.
Why the fuck you people think that the anime board has anything to do with a dude falling in love with a computer, holy fuck
Desmond please go
Oh, we had some talk about this movie a long time ago. Or maybe it was /jp/. I'm pretty sure it was /a/.
So it finally got released. BD when?
Fuck off back to /jp/, shitposting scum
But /jp/ shitposting is best shitposting.
it was 3Indy5me
I mean, really? most of it felt like filler and "look at me being artsy"

ending was kind of interesting.

not the '/a/, the movie' I was hoping for.
>Spike Jonze
Disappointing movie. Jonze demonstrated he has absolutely no knowledge of how an AI would work, the premise could be "magical voice trapped in a box" and the movie would be essentially unchanged. Then again, the theme of this movie was less about making an AI your waifu and more about the state of modern relationships. Went full normalfag at the end.
/r/ing 'My waifu' shop
Do you really think she would love me?
Oh yeah, that too. After ANY development whatsoever there was a mandatory 1+ minute transition with bullshit indie music and the protagonist making troubled faces. How the fuck did this movie get such high reviews?
No this shit again.
Because you know nothing about movies and they do?
>state of modern relationships
>implying this isn't what /a/ talks about every single day

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