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Now that i have your attention.

I've noticed most of /a/ has similar apps for their /a/ related content, but there's still not a unified position as there is with video players and the like.
Is anyone up for making an /a/ approved cellphone setup? It'd help curb down on "what does /a/ use to watch their anime" callphone threads that devolve in "what cellphone should I buy?"
And no, i don't need recs on this, i am already comfortable with my setup
Well, i didn't want to post that, but guess it works.
For starters, I think everyone can agree MX player is the best player out there, and perfect viewer the same for mango
I convert anime on my computer and put it on my ipod touch, so sadly I don't know much about any other video players.
See? We are on streaming levels here people, we have to keep up.
>watching animu on your cellphone
>having a cellphone
I'm using my HTC One with MX player and everything but 10bit is extremely crisp
Mx player for videos and komik/perfect viewer for mango done.
Insted of countering your memearrows with more memearrows, I'll point out that it's usefull when you leave the house and don't want to look at the 3DPD world we live in.
>leaving your house
There's your problem.
Can't help it sometimes.

Lately the power's been going out around here, so it's also useful.
I just need the BakaReader app fixed, I miss reading my LNs on the train.

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