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Sup /a/. Just finished the first half of Gurren Lagann. Is the second part worth watching? Like, really worth watching? I couldn't imagine it being better than the first half.
>I just finished the first half of a show
>Let's ask strangers on the internet if it's worth continuing
Why... why do people like you exist? Are you incapable of having an opinion of your own?
Well I just wanna know if it's total shit or not. I don't like the vibe it's giving off. I can't really decide, so I figure I'll hear some opinions and decide based off of that.
Yes. It's not as good, as the first half, but it's a show that you need to finish.
>Want to get an idea whether or not something is worth watching since I don't have the time to watch everything
>Some faggot thinks that automatically means I can't for opinions

Why... why do people like you exist? Are you incapable of using your rational faculties?
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>I couldn't imagine it being better than the first half.

Oh child, you can't be more wrong
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Its better.
The second half is way more epic, but I wouldn't necessarily say its' better.
Thanks for the comments, but I've decided that I'm not gonna watch the second half.
I just don't like the vibe of it.
That's cool. Now fuck off.
The first part wasn't very good. The second part is one of my favorites.
I love you guys.
Elaine would make a good waifu
WIth all the respect I can muster for some random anon, you are literally retarded. Even if you never finish a show, this is one that you have to. It's just not worth watching unless you finish it.

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