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What is /a/'s opinion on major subgroups?
I don't want gg to die
All of them suck.

Most importantly, the one that you most prefer is the shittiest of all. The one I like is the only exception.
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A thing of the past, Crunchyroll has saved fansubbing.
They're all shit.
ANE = excellent subs for bakemono
Chihiro = chinese translations using a google translate
CoalGirls = more like BloatTraps. they use someone else's subs, sometimes
CoalGuys = no accuracy, made up jokes
Commie = enjoy your memes
Doremi = Hidamari, Precure subs
Elysium = blu-ray rippers use others subs
Final8 = Commie's translator working on his own
Frostii = good k-on subs
gg = memes, trolling, sometimes good subs for the shows they like
GotWoot = good
Hadena = "English is our 15th language."
HorribleSubs= crunchyroll etc rips
Mazui = I think it's good
Nutbladder = only for Hidamari, nothing else
sage = reliable
THORA = blu-ray rippers, other subs
tri4 = "stay healthy"
Underwater = reliable
UTW = reliable
Ureshii = top-notch
WhyNot = why not
yesy = accurate but can get wordy
FFF = it's okay?
DeadFish = re-encodes for poor brazilians
It wouldn't matter to people like you since you don't understand Japanese. Just watch your shitty dubs.
Coalguys is the best group. The rest are varying degrees of shit
Pointless discussion, they're all dead or dying. Thank god for piracy of CR/Funi/whatever. I'll take whatever subs I can get. I guess the reduced drama factor from the fact they're all shriveled husks of their former selves and increased quality due to the presence of pirated paid-for subs is good though.
Rule of thumb: if they translate tsundere they are shit.
Does it have honorifics?
It's shit.

Does it not have honorifics?
It's good.
I watch Commie if I can, they got good typesetting, are a bit slow and sometimes very slow, but eh.
Other than that Horriblesubs, usually I get everything interesting covered with those two.

For older shit, I take whatever I can get as in what has the most seeds.
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t4w: Amazing
Other groups: Ranging from shit to passable.
I share the opinion of most of /a/, in that I think they are evil thieves who take money away from the anime industry. Because of them, honest, good distributors like Crunchyroll and Funimation struggle to survive. Never watch anything by a fansub group. Always use Crunchyroll.
So HorribleSubs right?
gg deserves to die. They raised a fanbase of retards that think that any group that doesn't entirely rewrite jokes and scripts or localize shit to oblivion is "weeaboo crap".

Glad somebody updated this for accuracy.
It's missing 4kids, but I do like this version more
Been watching anime long enough to know which groups are generally worth watching.
Been watching anime long enough to know that you can't judge only by the group name.

Dark_Sage -Chama is your (hilarious) guide to all subs and translations.

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