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Well just finished watching this and
Why can't there be a happy end for the cute girl, why does she have to be so stupid. Damnit
she deserved what she got for being so retarded
IMO she didn't suffer enough. Unlike Light who at least pretended to have conditions for who deserved to die, Misa did kill others prior to meeting Light just "cause."

Fucking bitch. And how she got off scott free pissed me off. People say she committed suicide, but its not shown in the manga or the anime. So proof?

And even if she did kill herself that's a hell of a privilege, choosing to end your own life when no one not even the stupid assholes like Near were coming to arrest her. Near was willing to let Misa walk despite her crimes.
In the credits Misa is seen at the top of a building and she takes a step off and then the scene changes.

It really doesn't show her taking that "one step forward" so you're reaching too far.
It's implied.
Watch the movie then.
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Misa was never dumb. She discovered Kira's real name and identity with no effort at all, long before L. She was the first one to find out how to kill a Shinigami, and if she weren't a romantic at heart, she could have killed Light at any time, without him even knowing she existed.

The problem with DN was that anyone who "knew too much" needed to be killed off or removed from the plot. Misa gets sidelined so hard it impairs her higher brain functions or something.
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>achievement unlocked: being dumber than misa
she did nothing of that without rem telling her the complete keikaku to reach her goal

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