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I don't see too many manga threads on /a/ so let's have one.

So I'm quite new when it comes to manga. I'm not going to ask for manga recs though, but rather recs on what the best way to read manga is on a PC? As much as I'd love to buy some actual volumes it can get pretty expensive at times. What programs do you use to read your manga? I've been using mangareader but some of their stuff is rather incomplete or have awful translations. And are there any translators you like more than others?

Pic sort of related.
>incomplete or have awful translations
Going somewhere else isn't necessarily going to change that. Usually only one translator ever works on a series at a time. But yeah, I wouldn't use mangareader because of their resizing, watermark and are notable for missing certain things and extras.

Lurk more. Most people use Honeyview, but I don't. Just google for a bunch. Try them. Cause frankly I loathe Honeyview.
I use batoto most of the time, also get the All mangas reader chrome extension, it helps you keep track of what you read really easily and loads the whole chapter in one window so you don't have to keep clicking to the next page, you just scroll down.
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Cool thread dude. Pic needs fixing though. I took the liberty.

How like?
Kissmanga has my preferred layout.
To avoid bad scanlations, the best way in general is to learn japanese
It's too bad it runs haywire when you're using chrome offline.
>the best way in general is to learn japanese
I'm working on it.

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