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So /a/, what are the chances of this getting a second season? Any upcoming events or the like where it could be announced? It would be rather pointless to watch the first season (the introduction) if the meat of the series will never get adapted.
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>second season
I really hope we get one soon, but if the point of the anime was to be just a long commercial for the novel, then we can stop hoping.
It didn't sell bad, so it's not impossible.
Looking at past experiences, it could go either way.

The Umineko anime, which only adapted half of the VN, never got a sequel. The adaptation was horrible, and was never heard from again.
Then there's the Little Busters anime, which was one big massacre of events and left those with guilty pleasures pained every week. A few months later: Refrain! ...which even the guiltily pleasured people couldn't stomach anymore.

Seeing as White Album 2 was actually good, it's already a step ahead of the above two. Let's say that makes chances somewhere between somewhat likely and very likely.

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