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This is absurd! no thread for Noragami, Hamatora, or Wizard Barrister Cecil. What the hell /a/? All 3 look good, have at decent OPs, and at least suggest some sort of interesting story. Therefore, I declare this to be a thread for whichever of the 3 you care to make it.
personally, I think Noragami has the most promise. It seems to have the best plot between the summaries available and the first 2 episodes, I really like the idea of a young god making a name for himself. I like the main characters a lot, they fit into roles, but don't seem too sereotypical
I'm really enjoying Noragami at the moment, it's one of the better animes that I've watched in the last few years.

When will the new episode be uploaded? Today (Saturday) or tomorrow?
Noragami has promise, but Hamatora is not even a C-grade Darker than Black clone.

I haven't sen Cecil.
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>Away from internet and computers for the next two weeks.
>Can't watch Noragami.

Not fun.
Noragami and Wizard Barristers are tomorrow. Expect threads then. Hamatora bored me so I didn't bother with the second episode.
Weird. I just realized I haven't watched Wizard Barrister at all. Not sure how that slipped past me. But I agree with the other two. They don't seem to be anything amazing, but the are good so far.

>I really like the idea of a young god making a name for himself
As do I, but I hope the show steers more towards this then one of the other directions it may be taking.

I've seen quite a bit of hate on Hamatora, all claiming that it's copying some other show, and all of them claiming it's a different show their copying. I don't get it, the show is fine so far.
I don't understand the hype for Noragami, it's so uninspired it hurts. It's not a bad show, but there's so much more interesting stuff this season that hyping a bland unoffensive show like that seems like a waste.

Even Hamatora is more interesting despite the lower production values.

As for Wizard Baristas, I'm considering dropping it. It has the chance to be AOTS, but I just can't fully enjoy watching it without expecting Umetsu to do Umetsu things any minute now.
Space Dandy
Underwater WB when?
>so much more interesting stuff this season
I honestly can't think of what you could be referring to?
Tonari no Seki-kun is easily the best show of the season, but other than that, only show solidly better than Noragami so far is Touru Hikuushi no Koiuta.I guess Wake Up Girls and Sekai Seifyku can be in the running depending on your tastes?
I quite like Noragami. I'm waiting for Daiz, so I haven't seen WB yet.

Hamatora is total shit. How can you say it looks good? The second episode had less than a second of good animation. The filters make it look worse than K. In a way, it's like K but worse - it's filled with characters who seem to be there to only act cool, but that act isn't working.
For serious/plot focused/action things only, Wizard Baristas and Sekai Seifuku are all-around better, Hamatora is more interesting but has lower production values and lacks polish, and there's KLK continuing from last season. Nobunagun is more fun, too, despite being pretty low effort anime overall.

And a lot of slice of life and comedy shows are more interesting as well, but that's a matter of taste. Hozuki no Reitetsu, Gin no Saji, and SYD S2 stand out here in terms of objective quality, but others are fun too.

Noragami is just... there. It's okay, nothing bad, but just sort of forgetable and not particularly interesting.

It's nowhere near trash like Witch Craft Works, but it's not anything special.
>Wizard Baristas
I need to watch that sometime today.
>Sekai Seifuku
First episode was great. Sure I'll buy that.
It's okay, but I'd put it quite a bit below Noragami.
>last season
It was literally unwatachable for me. Couldn't finish the first episode after 3 attempts.
>Hozuki no Reitatsu, Gin no Saji, and SYD S2
I wouldn't put any of those even remotely near what Noragami has so far.
>but just sort of forgettable and not particularly interesting.
The plot is fine, the show is funny, already one memorable character in 2 episodes. I mean, it could turn out terrible, or rather good, but as of right now it's near the top.
If you like Hamatora just watch Darker than Black. It is the same show but better.
...just because their powers work in similar ways doesn't make the show in any way or form similar whatsoever.

Fuck off.
>more interesting
>not uninspired, fanfiction tier setting and characters
>your opinion
In the trash it goes.
Yeah, I've already seen Darker than Black. They aren't alike.

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