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Has someone ever tried to break down anime history into eras? Or somebody ever tried to pin down trend setters and genre starters?

You know, the same way everyone in /m/ knows how the trend went from super mecha shows with Tetsujin and Mazinger to military mecha with Gundam and Macross and basically stayed there aside from the occassional Eva?

Or how it went Superman=Golden Age->Fantastic 4/Spider-man=Silver Age->Watchmen/Dark Knight Returns=Dark Age->Kingdom Come=Modern Age
countless times no doubt, but personally i think going by decade is good enough since it's enough to pin down the major stylistic changes and trends and so on
Haruhi started the Light Novel adaptation craze.

Ditto K-on with 4-koma SoLs.

You can even make a case about Clannad and moe choose-your-girls VNs, but there's still a lot of moege that never get made into anime.
There's the "golden age" of the late 80s, where there are loads of high-budget OVAs and movies with shit writing. Also, oneshot OVA adaptations of manga, for some reason.

Post-Eva, we have late night anime. I don't think they were a thing before then. OVAs were on a general decline since the early 90s.

By about 2000, most studios had started switching over to digital. Everything looks like shit for a while.

I think you can give an identity to studios, too. 70s-80s TMS is full of Dezaki, and most anime has a kind of realistic look (or the "Dezaki style" - RoV, AwN, etc) to it along with good animation.

80s Pierrot was defined by magical girl shows. Toei did shitty gag anime until they transistions into fighting anime including Sailor Moon and Dragonball. In the 90s they had things like Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Hell Teacher Nube.
Is there any place with more facts or in-depth information on this?
You meant to say azumanga daioh, right?
No particular place. If you want to know what kind of anime studios were making at a certain time, you just need to watch some anime or look at anidb.
Well literally everything else he said was wrong so I don't see why he'd mean to say something right in that instance.
Most old shit is dated and to be avoided unless recommended.

Most new shit is bad but there are sleeper hits every now and then.

That's anime history, ladies and gentlemen.
I also think he was a KyoAni troll, but were LN adaptations as ubiquitous as nowadays before Haruhi?

I know LNs themselves got a lot more popular and numerous, but it's still staggering how LNs got pretty much adapted into extinction.
There have been LN adaptations for decades, but the early ones (Crusher Joe, Dirty Pari, etc) were all sci-fi. In the 90s you had things like Irresponsible Captain Tylor, which like many current light novels, tacks a harem onto an interesting setting. It was quite progressive in that regard, I suppose. Harem anime as a major fad didn't really start until Tenchi Muyo or Love Hina.

There definitely has been a massive rise in LN adaptations over the past 7 years or so, but it may not be due to Haruhi. How has the LN market itself changed? I'm sure there are a lot more now than there were years ago.
Well it was always a fairly common media to adapt from, if you really want to work out the change you could easily go through one chartfags pre-Haruhi charts, work out the source for each anime listed and compare it with your chosen current chart.
>I'm sure there are a lot more now than there were years ago.
That's what I said. And when I said "to extinction" I meant to say that they're getting adapted so heavily they might run out of them in the near future.

I know LN adaptations have been there since forever, but I thought the earliest ones where things like Boogiepop. I didn't know Crusher Joe, Dirty Pair and Captain Tylor had been light novels.
>that they're getting adapted so heavily they might run out of them in the near future
There are like 20-25 LN adaptations per year.
So if there's less than 25 new LNs each year they'll run out eventually.

And I'm fairly certain that's not the case.
>All anime before you started watching:
Old as shit, horrible animation.

>Anime airing during your teenage years:
Golden age of anime, best shows ever.

>Everything after that:
Lowest common denominator pandering moeshit.
More like
Mostly shit.
Mostly shit.
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This is all you need.
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