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Why is Riko so angry?
She and her beloved sister are getting raped by fat men repeatedly
That should be a joyous occasion.
That Anna is getting gangbanged and not her.
because she found out that the whole "Believe" stuff was just bullshit and Majima was just using her and Anna to satisfy his sexual desires.

She thought she was getting gang-banged for a higher purpose.
Because she doesn't have a dick in her mouth.
>you will never get gangbanged for a higher purpose

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How much cum does Riko have to eat to maintain this figure?

I like the part in episode one of Ran->Sem where Majima tell Riko that swallowing his cock will "Grant you everything you've always wanted."
She's mad her husbando majima betrayed her.


This is most likely the correct answer.
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shes mad because she realized that there are so many plot holes in the story.
The main one being that women don't like being raped no matter how big the dick is or how long they're imprisoned.
I think the experiment conducted by Professor Josef Fritzel showed us that.
a big one is the fact that a modern rape cult can exist in japan
>the ultimate plot armor everyone is corrupt
Why Majima-sama wiil fucker that WUG girls.
>Professor Josef Fritzel

That nigga was hideous though, Majima is a beautiful divine creature.
I love her voice. Her voice actress really manages to sound mad and disgusted.

watch MILF Mansion. She's the main girl in that one. Sounds really hot in it too.
File: Based-sama.jpg (26.01 KB, 704x396)
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I'd like to plot her hole if you know what I mean..
File: wug.jpg (81.80 KB, 306x450)
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Master, Release in this girls!
>>the ultimate plot armor everyone is corrupt

But this takes place in a japanese hentai so this is most likely true. also in the VN Majima has the police working for him, he's suppose to be some really rich/powerful ceo of a company and his rival is actually Riko's father, so he pretty much captures Riko and Anna to take control of his company.

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