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File: crime edge.jpg (57.95 KB, 1280x720)
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57.95 KB JPG
BD for volume 7 should be out next week. Anyone else hoping for a SP inside volume 7? Considering if not, it will only be one episode.
File: crime-edge-breasts.jpg (319.29 KB, 1409x1053)
319.29 KB
319.29 KB JPG
>breasts size and height chart
>Iwai is AAA-cup
Why is she so perfect?
BD7 has the delicious bath scene without the horrible fog. We will get to see loli nipples again for sure.
I love Emily ;_;
Too bad this show will probably never get a second season while trash shows are getting 1 if not 2 new seasons.
Japan has shit tastes, that's why.
File: Loli hug.jpg (586.13 KB, 1212x1292)
586.13 KB
586.13 KB JPG
Oh shit I was wondering how much longer til the last volume. Soon the sun shall be gone hopefully. Too bad there won't even be an OVA ;_;
File: 51bQxDiDXoL.jpg (41.38 KB, 500x341)
41.38 KB
41.38 KB JPG
Release Date: 2014/01/24
File: please no.gif (927.50 KB, 380x214)
927.50 KB
927.50 KB GIF
>1.5 stars
>first guy is whining because there's no info about release date and gives a 1 star because of it
>second guy says he received it on the 19th but there's only a soundtrack along with the 13th episode, funnily enough he also says "I hope there's a second season"
I hope for a special episode, just to see more of Iwai, Emily, and Kiri together. Once the sub for BD 7 is release, I'll marathon it again, it was so fun watching this when it aired.
Emily and Iwai are so perfect.
They are both DFC, that's probably why they're so perfect.
File: 1371942873920.jpg (985.81 KB, 3506x2480)
985.81 KB
985.81 KB JPG
That could be it. Nice design and nice personality.
I hope we get this in high res. It features the best girls too.
I fell behind on the manga. Did translations catch up yet? Last thing I remember from spoilers of raws was Witchy corrupting Iwai or something along those lines.
I think the way the sales have gone for this, we should just be grateful that they actually bothered to carry on making the BDs. That said, they really should have released it in 6 volumes and not 7 so as to not just have a single episode on the last one.
Is there a way to know the current sales of the lastest BD sales anyway?
LRD was spamming the BD sales everyday when it was mentioned, but there has been no actual infos on sales beside that thing months ago.
Not yet, the scanlation just reached the end of the fight with the rifle assassin.
Aye, same.
Damn it. So they at least reached the kiss then?
Aye, and it was wonderful.
I agree. A shame the slut took his first kiss.
>steals Kiri's first kiss
>violates Iwai
>used Emily as pawn
I doubt she'll die but I at least want to see her get her ass beaten.
She will for sure. Too bad she won't die. I'd like she'd die suffering for all she's done.

Kashiko, B cup? Those are at least C's!
Can't wait for this scene.
File: dat ass.jpg (31.52 KB, 1280x720)
31.52 KB
31.52 KB JPG
>no pool episode
>no onsen episode
>no umi da! episode
>no culture festival where Iwai dresses like a cute maid
Usually /a/nons hate those cliches but I'm kind of sad I didn't get to see even more outfits Iwai could've worn. At least they had the school trip with Iwai in bloomers.
>piss episode
>BDSM episode
>asphyx episode
>multiple loli episodes
I'll forgive it.
Final episode has loli bath episode. But yeh a swimsuit episode would had been godly.
File: Morning Iwai LQ.jpg (735.25 KB, 1280x1359)
735.25 KB
735.25 KB JPG
Aye, each episode would have Iwai in a different hair style and uniform, she look good in anything.
>Swimsuit episode
>Iwai and Emily in school swimsuit
Oh god yes.
Nah, Emily would wear a topless bikini because she's young enough so it doesn't matter.
>BD 7
Oh man, feels like this should have been out already.
>Emily appear in topless bikini
>Sunddenly laser beam block off her chest no matter where she move
File: rape (2).gif (1.49 MB, 533x300)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
>Kashiko is 170cm
I never realized she was that tall.
If it's an OAV, the censorship isn't needed.
Isnt this show will have a Ova?
File: boner ;3.png (28.17 KB, 298x279)
28.17 KB
28.17 KB PNG
this scene, everytiem

Dat boxart
Hoping for some nude scans of her in the cover.
did the ost ever come out?
I don't think it did.
>she was afraid she was about to be raped
>falls in love with Kiri because of it
File: baller.gif (1.37 MB, 374x400)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
Isn't it wonderful?

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