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Serious Question:
We hate 3dpd, right? But why the hell do we meet up here all the times? Aren’t we 3D ourselves? And why is the opinion of a 3dpd so important for us?
>Aren’t we 3D ourselves?
You aren't a cute 2D girl?
Get the fuck out
We don't hate them. Well, most of them we do actually, but each and every one of us is in the search for 3d girl with a 2d soul, mate. More like in waiting than search though.
I'm just too autistic to know the point of a relationship.
I'd rather watch anime and play vidya all day than going out with some bitch whore.
>Aren't we 3D ourselves?

No I'm Anonymous.

Fuck your reality.
Kill yourself.
Never forget: You are here forever
>I'm just too autistic to know the point of a relationship.
I envy you for that, I really do. I'm too anti-social to get a relationship.

Also captcha is fucking broken what the fuck, it takes me like a dozen attempts to get past it.
Just log in your google account and you'll get the simpler captchas.
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>hating people for no good reason
What the hell, that actually does work. I swear now I'm really worried about having a google account. My friend keeps telling me they're Big Brother, but I always dismissed it as tinfoil-hat paranoia.
I do because I know what real people are like and I completely fucking hate being forced to be around them, to know I depend on them for erotic stimulation is more than I can possibly bear.

The last step is to forever stop fapping to it then I'll finally be perfect, just like the rest of the /a/nons.

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