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Satsuki-sama is now yandere for you and all you have on you are a pair of Groucho Glasses, a paperclip and chewed gum. How do you survive this?
tell her to kill herself
Become Nudist Beach.
File: Asemu_G3.jpg (148.23 KB, 1440x810)
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148.23 KB JPG
I do what any man would, go SPACE PIRATING.
Beagle Aegis.
She looks familiar.
Accept yandere Satsuki
Shouldn't you be marrying Ryuko?
They even have the same ass!
>Be Vergil
>Summon a tower
>Fill Tower with demons and deathtraps
I would like to see her try to get me now.
Throw the paperclip at her to distract her. Get on a flight out of the country using the time that I got.
Don't be so tsundere.
Break up with her, drop gum on the floor, wait for her to step on the gum and run like hell while she's stuck.
Rip off my clothes, put the groucho glasses on my cock, pressed the chewed gum on my nose, and stick the paper clip across my upper lip like a mustache. Then I dance.
How the hell is that gonna solve your problem?
I get killed my Gamagoori and Nonon.
How wouldn't it?
Build a hydrogen bomb out of Groucho Glasses and gum. Turn the paperclip into a detonator. Go out in a blast of nuclear glory.
I guess she'll be confused as fuck.
Just fucking wear the glasses and say "Vat, I am nat ze perzon you lookingk for."

Use paper clip to reset wifi base station.

Chew gum to summon animals from liquid metal.
File: solved problems.png (100.68 KB, 800x628)
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100.68 KB PNG
You cheat on her with Nui, it's the only way.
Someone send this to trigger. We can get him featured in the last episode probably.
File: 1387798980485.png (720.92 KB, 1366x768)
720.92 KB
720.92 KB PNG
>not being picked on by bully One Stars
>not being saved by Ryuuko-chan
>not having her offer to let you hang out with her and Mako because misfits gotta stick together
>not hanging out with them after class
>not getting invited to the Mankanshokus for dinner
>not being revolted by Sukuyo's cooking
>not putting on a good show and telling her it's the best because you don't want to spoil the mood
>not discussing Ryuuko's hard life with her in private
>not being her shoulder to cry on when she finally breaks down in front of you
>not wiping the tears from her beautiful gear eyes and giving her a tender hug in her moment of vulnerability
>not secretly leaking data back to Satsuki
>not slowly learning the weaknesses of her and Senketsu
>not disappearing mysteriously one night after she finally works up the courage to trust you and kisses you
>tfw when you are a spy
File: Ep23-3415366.jpg (149.17 KB, 1440x810)
149.17 KB
149.17 KB JPG
Fuck off, Zeheart. Go fap to Fram or something.
But if she's yandere isn't she supposed to protect and love me?

Because I'm totally okay with that
L-elf pls.

But that means you can't love Nonon.
let her fuck me
What kind of dick would do that?
See >>100474933
Clearly Zeheart and L-elf
With her scabbard?
File: Valvrave-9-8-l-elf.jpg (36.06 KB, 680x382)
36.06 KB
36.06 KB JPG
Kamui the Liberator.
>Raiden use blade mode to destroy those missiles
dat booty
Okay, I'm in the classroom. Let's see if I remember this right.
>go to courtyard
>ask Mako for the stick
>she wants something of equal value
>go to Mako's house
>ask parents what would constitute equal value
>Mom suggests paper fan
>can't remember where it is
>only that it was last seen on the highway
>go to highway
>see Gamagoori
>he asks why I'm here
>he thought it was an important document
>it's back at the meeting office
>go to the office
>see Inugami
>ask about paper fan
>he's busy, dropped a paper clip when his glasses broke
>give him Groucho glasses (not paper clip, remember this)
>says thanks
>says he gave paper fan to Sanegayama for practice
>go to school hallway
>run into Sanegayama
>ask about paper fan
>says he gave it to Nonon because he was done with it
>go to Satsuki's house
>see Nonon
>ask about paper fan
>says it's stuck in a mass of wires
>untangle mass
>get paper fan
>Nonon says I can keep the wires
>go back to courtyard
>give paper fan to Mako
>Mako gives me stick
>go to Matoi mansion
>tie the wires to the stick
>stick the chewed gum to the end of the wire
>fish the rubber ducky and the gelignite out of the sewer grating
>go back to highway
>give gelignite to Gamagoori
>gives me reward money for my efforts of justice (5000 Y)
>go to Mako's house
>ask parents about money
>say they have an old bamboo tree
>offer 1000 Y (in exact change, remember this)
>they take offer
>go back to school hallway
>ask Sanegayama about bamboo tree
>he offers you a key he doesn't need
>go to Sewing Club room
>ask Iori about key
>he takes key from you
>says he's looking for a paper clip
>give him paper clip
>says thanks, offers to make him something in his spare time
>go to Sensei's house
>ask about rubber ducky
>he asks where the gelignite is
>tell the truth
>offer 4000 Y as compensation
>he says thanks and gives you a teddy bear
>go back to Sewing club room
>talk to Iori
>ask about that favor
>mention a sweater
>he says yes
>leave room, go back
>sweater's ready
>says he feels lonely
>give him teddy bear
>throws in an extra pair of mittens
>go back to classroom
>give sweater and mittens
>she loves it
>gives you a kiss in private
>happy end
Fuck this game, seriously.
>didn't use Sanageyama as a wrench at some point

8/10 I now want to play an adventure game again
>not using Sanageyama as a wrench
I know, right? That part hung me up for hours.

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