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There will never be a more emotionally potent song in any medium of entertainment ever

My goosebumps get rock hard boners when I listen to this.
Nautrally everyone here has the shittiest taste imaginable so I am left with no choice but to bump my own thread for the next ten minutes
I do remember this song very distinctly, but it is in no way the most emotionally potent song in any medium.
Decent song from a mediocre anime.

I wouldn't put it on a playlist, it's not great.
I love YYH dearly, but I must disagree.


That crescendo a bit after a minute in, just makes my blood run cold.

Music is linked to emotions though, so people will get different reactions from different music depending on what they link to it.
Golden Time OP 2 is better

There's no insult good enough to describe how shit of taste you have.

That shit made my ears vomit the first time I heard it.

OP1 was also way better.
Maybe so, but I honestly can't think of a single song that even now clenches my entire body as strongly as this.

It's an unreal combination of climactic and relaxed. Usually when you're about to tear ass as hard as when this song plays the tune is more energetic but here it's as if the song is saying "enough is enough, everything will be ok" while at the same time the subtext is screaming "Yes you are indeed going to fuck everything up" while inspiring you with the same power you had buried inside you all along.

More intense fighting songs need to take a hint from this type of calmer approach.
Ah yes, midi guitar power ballads, complete with 80's electro-drums and all. Definitely not the song that's moving, its more what you're associating it with.

Best shounen ever, brings me back to my childhood too, watched it again recently and it still stays golden
Reverse back at you. I bet you only listen to cheesy pop and 80th rock
I grew up on those types of soundboards, of course I'm going to enjoy them!

What's so appalling is that this song isn't on any of the cds despite being played during the most dramatic shit-hits-the-fan scenes.

This is the cleanest version of the song and it's only a result of super imposing the song on itself five times and activating the channel with the least interference (hence you hear a flame ignite and a footstep at a point where there's always dialouge in all five channels).
It's probably cheating posting a link from a music-oriented anime, but Kaoru and Sentarou's duet medley of My Favorite Things, Someday my Prince Will Come, and Moanin' is extremely powerful. It's fucking awesome.
Uhh, no.

The amount of people your seemingly random claim could actually apply to must be very low.

GT OP2 sounds like a collapsing marching band of enraged violinists bludgeoning each other, all enhanced by a line of megaphones.
It's an adolescent timing thing.
Not an objective artistic merit sort of thing.
It just hit your soul in the right way at the right time.

Like how Kingdom Hearts hit me in the balls with its whole loss of innocence thing because I just hit puberty and realized the world was full of shit, even though it's really not that well written or powerful.
I'd say this song is more "emotionally potent" than whatever it is you posted, and this is less than a year old.
damn I should have realized that song was a case of "the media you experienced when you were 12 was perfect!" that was outlined in that old comic by the same theme.

I'm glad I have such a thing to consider as a crowning song of greatness.
Different anon but I totally agree with you. I really dislike the super heavy droning bass pedal in the opening, I really don't know what the composer was thinking there. I really like the melody around the 1:00 mark though, where the melody hugs the 3rd of the scale and then goes down to the Min 3rd / 2nd / root. It's super catchy. It's those types on non-diatonic passing tones that make j-pop so much better than ours. They aren't afraid of hitting funny notes in the right ways.
does any one know that song from the eureka 7 next episode preview?
>tfw you watched evangelion when you were 12
This guy gets it.

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