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I want to talk about Dragon Ball Z, or more so, the importance of Krillin. Now I'm no aficionado, but I have seen every DB/DBZ episode. I believe Krillin is the most important character in the show. We all know Krillin sucks... but usually only because he fights non-earth characters. He is arguably the strongest earthling in the show. The reason I believe Krillin is the most important character is because he is the reason behind the many extreme power level hikes in the show resulting in wins.

While Goku is the strongest character in the show (that is a direct influence on the narrative), there are many times when Krillin is what brings upon that power (as well as Gohan, who is extensively the second most 'powerful' character, even if its sporadic at times)
>We all know Krillin sucks

Who exactly says this? Krillin mah nigga.

This. Krillin is the ultra bro.
oh, I mean in the fighting sense... He gets beaten up a lot. Krillin is one of my favourite characters.
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>Krillin sucks
You better start watching your mouth
>we all know krillin sucks

I'd like to see you get a smoking hot girlfriend bank robber and then later bang an android and make kids with it and be friends with universe conquering space gladiators
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yall weeaboos sleepin' on tien AGAIN
>We all know Krillin sucks... but usually only because he fights non-earth characters.

there's a clause there. He sucks, because he fights non-earthling characters who are stronger. I then say he is the strongest earthling.
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Yamcha's more important.
Krillin thread?

Let's see what this is like.
holy shit this

tien is goat human. he has always been stronger than krillin and even though krilling is max bro, tien fucking saved ultimate gohan from super buu
y'all niggas remember that? he was the only human to do damage to buu

Krillin is literally our guy.

He fell in love with a fucking android because he knew that regular 3dpd's were irrational cunts, confirmed by Chichi and Bulma's terrible relationships with their husbands.

Then he uses a wish, A FUCKING WISH, to make her human.

Also, KRILLIN IS THE ONLY HUMAN AND ONLY ONE OF FOUR PEOPLE (three if you don't count super buu since he had to absorb cell) TO USE SPIRIT BOMB. THE MOST OP FUCKING THING IN THE DB UNIVERSE.

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