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Is Mekaku City Actors the new Shaft masterpiece or their next flop? And why is Mary so cute?
Kido a cute
The problems I foresee are:
-Translating the weird as fuck chronology of the LN into an anime without shortening or lengthening too much.
-Important internal commentary being dropped(this has already happened in the manga)
-Might not be long enough
-Anime route being worse than the LN or manga

But possible good things that might happen:
-Inu curry in charge of the dream sequences
-Inu curry in charge of naked sky people
-Inu curry in charge of drawing all the weird shit in the base
-Inu curry in charge of drawing that hideous phone strap
-Shaft background symbolism for different viewpoints
-Grumpy tsundere Kana Asumi
-Mary's feet
-Momo's momos
-Anime route being better than the LN or manga
It's gonna be awesome, 12-13 eps means they won't be fucking around by dragging things out. The material is pretty thin as it is too.
>internal commentary
Shouldn't be that hard to have a narrator speak it.
Does romance ever get anywhere with this show? last I recall everybody just suffers anyway.

Why is Ene "living" with Shintaro anyway, seems just arbitrary and she loves somebody else
Dragging it out wouldn't exactly have been bad. In the novels, Takane and Azami feel like they didn't get enough content, though Takane might get more as a side effect of Shintarou's backstory.

In Monogatari, we still lost Araragi's overflowing desire to fuck Nadeko during the twister scene.
Do you think we'll hear any vocaloids in the anime? Like as OPs/EDs or inserts?

Because this might be the first time it's been done besides BRS.
Fujoshi/tumblr/youtube teenage girls masterpiece. It`ll certainly not flop, but it`ll certainly be shit.
Azami and Tsukihiko kind of, but the entire point of that relationship is that it ends in suffering. Things will probably move along at the end of the series if something bad doesn't happen.

>Why is Ene "living" with Shintaro anyway
Because of this:

>“I see. Well, it’d be nice if he was a bit more polite ….. Honestly. Having a girl like Ayano-chan around, he must be a spoiled and happy guy.”

>The moment I said this, for some reason, Ayano’s expression clouded over slightly.

>Had I possibly said something that I shouldn’t have?

>Although that hadn’t been my intention at all.

>“…. No, I’m no good for him. He needs someone that’s even more selfish than him, someone energetic to pull him along …. All I do is just follow behind him all the time. I can’t do anything ….”

Watamote uses miku for one of the EDs.

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