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Well, this thing was even worse than I imagined. Me not being one of the people whose first anime was Nadia I was neutral about it as possible, with the fact that Gainax at its prime and Anno was involved and that, but is still terrible. Specially the Africa-arc.
There are things in the story that just didn't age well, more if they were a staple of the time, let alone feel cliched by now, but even so, the story was very bland in comparison to say, gunbuster.
The characters are hollow and boring, and Nadia is a unsufferable character still 37 chapters in. There were good things, of course, like the Nautilus and its crew in general, specially Nemo, but still don't make up for the failures.
But enough of my rant. How about you /a/? A lot of you seem to regard this series as a good anime, so please, tell me what did you like of it?
Fuck off back to facebook, dumbass.
Fistycuffs at dawn m8
I swear I will slap your shit you cunt
Not everything GAINAX does is pure gold? SACRILEGE!
Yeah. Eva for example? Utter garbage.

I was thinking more like:
Oruchuban Ebichu
He Is My Master

They've had plenty of mediocre to less than stellar series. Gunbuster, Eva and Kare Kano were good, but three shows can't make up for a dozen of mediocre ones that followed. Just like GONZO died after making only a couple decent shows at the beginning.
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In my opinion, the one good thing that GAINAX ever did was Honneamise, other than that, it's mostly stuff I didn't care about or downright disliked.

Can't say that without being assraped to hell and back, though.
Gainax as a whole had done decent things, but the anime industry being what it is just left them behind. I don't agree with you in that RW was the only worty thing of Gainax, tough
OP here. I'm wondering if I didn't got a bad approach to this series.
I watch it partly because I wanted to know how was pre NGE Gainax and compare with other shows from the same period. Its not like I haven't watched other older Gainax shows, but Nadia was plain bad IMO
I think cinparing it with Gonzo is innacurate- as bad as gainax is at least got a few share of hits

Well so did GONZO frankly...GONZO was really popular for a time. Just like GAINAX.

The only reason they're different is no studio except maybe KyoAni has ever had a hit show on the level of Eva. But as for having a fanbase that is so obsessive over them for such a lopsided amount of good/bad shows, GAINAX and GONZO aren't that far off.
Depends what measure you're going to use for a "hit", since they've obviously never had anything with the popularity of NGE, but if you look at their list of works, they've definitively done some pretty popular stuff.

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You should be able to tell at which part things totally derailed.

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