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* The first half is a Nnoitra flashback. Ken orders Ichigo to grab his sword ,take Inoue with him and leave. Ken tells Ichigo his job is done and the shingami will take of the rest .

* Ichigo objects ken interjects and tells him Ichigo he is a shinigami representative and his primary job is to protect Karakura . Ken orders Inoue to heal his wounds and Inoue begins.

* Stark appears suddenly before Inoue and tells that he doesnt like doing these kind of things but he has borrow Inoue for a bit .

* Ken and ichigo get ready to fight but Inoue and Stark dissapear . Ichigo and Kenpachi are shocked and suprised

* Scene changes Inoue stands before Aizen . Aizen " Welcome back Orihime, what’s wrong? You’re making an unhappy face? Smile, the sun has darkened, then everyone feels sad right? Just smile and wait here a little bit ".

* Behind Aizen, Gin and Tousen Karakura town appears. Aizen " Until we have destroyed Karakura town."
Sage for Naruto
Plot in my Bleach?

Spoiler must be fake
You sir fail at lfe. this is clearly one piece
Aizen's Couch is the last boss.
you sir fail at life!
this is clearly one piece
Aizens Couch will appear in the real world. its spirit density is so high that the mortal plane is crushed!
set fail for one blearuto.
It is now called D Gray man
I liked it better when Piccolo was the villian
Actually, if it's possible to have negative plot, this would be it, seeing as how they just basically undid any progress made in the last 50 chapters.

Go kubo.

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