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What is less bad: a shitty male MC who picks the best girl, or a good male MC who picks the worst girl?
Either way Love Hina is shit.

bitch i will fight you
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A shitty MC that picks the best girl at least creates closure to the story and provides a self-insert fantasy for its fanbase.

A good MC who picks a shitty girl doesn't provide any closure or any self-insert fantasy, only anger to the whole fanbase. And likewise, cannot be considered a good MC.

But considering there's always some part of the fanbase that likes the one girl the MC picks, there will always be some part of the fanbase that defends the MC. So it doesn't matter. Like in Love Hina, the most popular girl in Japan was actually Shinobu. And the 'best' girl for the MC was Mutsumi. Naru was neither the best girl nor the most popular. Yet it was still successful.
It depends on whether or not you want to stay delusional and think you'll ever have a chance to be acquainted with your waifu. ;_;
Don't care, but neither applies to LH.

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