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File: Cringe.jpg (164.35 KB, 1032x694)
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164.35 KB JPG
>justify lolicon

What should we need to justify lolicon?
Why can't they accept other people taste.

I am not even into loli but this is so infuriating.
I know, why the fuck I was on MAL blah blah blah, I just can't guys, those feminists fucks are everywhere.
not your blog
Stop paying attention, faggot. They literally affect nothing, it's your own fault for being the kind of disgusting faggot who browses MAL.
Because your taste is shit. I fap to loli but I downright despise lolicons from /a/. Shallow, pathetic, whiny cunts.
Women think that feminism means "what we think is right and you're wrong." What else is new?
File: 026.png (65.59 KB, 237x224)
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65.59 KB PNG
It was show on the main page.
Holy shit, you're looking on MAL at a feminist club and getting mad at it existing?

It's not harming you in any way, shape or form. If you close the window it will, for all intents and purposes cease to exist for you.

This is /pol/ level shit right here, IGNORE IT.
File: 1264286804569.png (26.34 KB, 400x400)
26.34 KB
26.34 KB PNG
Your message has nothing to do with the subject go back to school and learn to read.
I support feminist containment boards.
>Why can't they accept other people taste.
Because some people have shit taste and it's hard to accept it. Especially lolicons. They will watch any shit as long as it has loli in it. It's the most important thing for those pathetic, horny manchildren.
>I'll make a club to circlejerk and an echo chamber!

sasuga modern feminists

This is more /v/ shit. They willingly browse cancerous sites to drag up stupid feminist blogshit and screencap it here for "rage thread potential", cue 500+ posts of ranting about feminism and politics

Just fucking get out of /a/, OP. Only a braindead retard would make a thread like this.
Who gives a shit about some tiny retarded echo chamber.
>seeing something retarded and posting it for everyone else to see
we /v/ now?
File: Weeaboo.jpg (382.32 KB, 600x811)
382.32 KB
382.32 KB JPG
Again people like you judging thing black or white aren't helping.
But you are STILL using mal. Stop it fag.

It's called /co/.
>Posting that shit on /a/

Jesus fuck OP, at least they have the common decency to keep their cancer to their site. Why the fuck do you have to bring it over here?

You're worst than those 3DPD shits. Please go kill yourself.

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