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Ok /a/ a few minutes ago we had a discusion about cheats in old games and are now DLC, how lolis and furries are bad etc etc all thanks to a bike shorts pic of girl in pic related.

now I installed the PS2 emulator and got it to work and look good, though speed sometimes is too fast or slows down a bit, but generally works ok.

now the reason for this topic is to ask /a/ what /weeabo or anime ps2 games do you recommend? not just the typical RPG's but other games as well, even games that werent released in the US.

pic related is Ape Escape 3.
>lolis are bad
We don't want you here. Your thread isn't /a/ related even if you want to pretend it is.

Go away.
I know you want the opinion of /a/ dwellers, but this really belongs in /v/ or /vg/.

That said, Atelier Totori is one that comes to mind as commonly liked by weebs. And non-weebs to decide do give it a shot anyway.
thus why I said weaboo/anime games, they don't have to be loli even.
But OP asked for ps2 games for an emulator, AT isn't on ps2

And this thread shouldn't exist anyway.

Loli-haters be purged.

Doesn't matter if it's anime related games, games are not anime.
fair enough, I'll delete the thread in a few moments, though some /a/nons would appreciate learning of some anime games they could play on ps2.

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