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> 6 years later
Will the tears ever stop?
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Why can't you just move on? I've drank enough of your tears. Getting real sick of this shit.
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Keep those tears coming.
they never flowed

seriously I didnt know what the fuck was going on. Best girl didnt win, but they never do
Yes she did.
But for once she actually did
Best girl loses all the time. People were pissed off because thematically and narratively, Noe made more sense, the major character development for Shinichiro being that he had to come to make his own decisions and how being with Noe was the way he came to it, while that other chick did nothing for most of the series and only interacted with him personally something like two times then him ending up with her because Noe passes him over and Hiromi pushes herself onto him.

Another ending could be written that makes just as much sense with only one episode.
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>crying over best girl winning.
I know it was surprising but come on.
Sadly yes. I didnt know how to feel at the ending but it would have made much more sense for it to be Noe.

I wasn't necessarily mad, just kind of irked that they didnt adapt the game, but the show was pretty much an ad for the game. 7/10 for me.
best 6 episode anime ever.
Didn't the sales of this tank?

I don't know what the fuck the writers were thinking.
Keep them tears flowing.

Best girl won.
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>but the show was pretty much an ad for the game

Goddammit Shinichiro.
Noefags and Kuronekofags, united in butthurt

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