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Ok, I'm marathoning Ano Hana for the first time in order to hold me over for the next episode of Nagi no Asukara and I've made it to this scene.

HOLY FUCK I HATE THIS BAG OF SHIT. He struck me as a dick and pissed me off at first. Jinta may be kind of a loser, but this guy is a HEARTLESS BAG OF AMPHIBIAN SHIT. I FUCKING HATE THIS ASSHOLE.
Just got back from the Manhattan showing of the anohana movie tonight. Shit was so cash. Haven't watched the show since when it aired. All the feels came allowing back. It was a good companion piece to the series and actually includes a short story that takes place the year after.

Menna's note to Jintan always triggers the waterworks.
I can't even find humor in that he's a crossdressing faggot. I'm too fucking angry over how much of a piece of shit loser he is. I hope he lands barefoot in a pile of legos.

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