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About 7 years ago or so, I had just finished watching Clannad and I saw a recommendation to this one other anime. It looked cool, so I looked it up and watched it over the course of a week or two. It was really good and I liked it.

I just remembered about it, but my memory of it is super fuzzy, and I can't remember most of it, only that I really liked it. I would much appreciate it if /a/ could help me find it. I asked all of my friends who are even tangentially into anime and they have literally no idea what I am smoking here.

The details:
>It had a longish name, with about 4 words in it I think
>I believe it was primarily in the romance genre, with a slight helping of magic
>The anime actually focused on a group of characters, one of whom was the grandchild of the protagonist of a previous anime that artist/studio had drawn. In other words, there was another anime that featured a magical girl or witch or something and her grandchild is the protagonist of this anime. They had similar names I believe, but this one had a longer name.
>The witch's grandson or granddaughter (I think granddaughter though I can't be sure) was learning how to magic over the course of the anime, but the magic was never the forefront of the show. It was about the relationships and people.
>Also there was this big ass magical sakura tree that was totally central to the plot. The plot got gradually more magic and tree-focused as the show went on, I think.
>There was a time travel thing going on at some point? I don't remember, but I think by the finale or last few episodes, there was some time travel magic bullshit going on.

I don't know anything about who drew it except that it wasn't CLAMP and it wasn't Miyazaki.

Picture vaguely related - found it by googling magical sakura tree anime.
Additionally, some more details that were too long for the OP:

>There was a picnic on a park bench at some point (which rules out exactly 0 animes I know)
>There was also a scene in like a moving truck in which some boxes fell on somebody? I might be confusing that for another show though. That somebody was either the female magical witch lead or her love interest or the magical male lead or his love interest.
>Location is this like vaguely isolated island. It has a largish town.

If I remember anything else, I'll mention it.

Its not Negami nor is it Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, as my one friend initially thought upon hearing that.

Its also an older anime. I believe it came out sometime in the 90s or 2000s.
Are you sure you aren't confused and talking about one of the Negima anime?
Da Capo?

I... don't think so. I read the wiki plot and that sounds completely different from what I remember.

Fuck off to >>>/r/ request threads are against the rules.

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