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"Did you hear about it Anon!?" Your friend bothers you over and over. "I can't believe we are getting a foreign teacher this year!" He was your typical high school boy, fueled by nothing but hormones. "I hope she is a hottie!" He says while drooling.

"What are you talking about Ryuuji?" You tell him uninterested, summer felt short, you couldn't believe that it was already school time again. "How are you so energetic so early in the morning?" You say while yawning.

"What? How could you be so indifferent! I am giving you this exciting news and you can barely stay awake!? what are you?!" Ryuuji couldn't believe at your unenthused response.

You shrug your shoulder. "I don't really care much for teachers... besides you don't even know if it's a female or not right? All you know is that the teacher is foreign..."

You could see Ryuuji realizing his mistake. From his eyes you could see his whole world collapsing. "O-Oh no... y-you are right... I need to investigate further!" Ryuuji runs ahead to school. "I have to see if my dreams will be shattered today Anon! I'll see you in school!"

"Jeez... how could he be so energetic?" You think to yourself, however you didn't mind it too much. Now you have peace and quiet after all.

As you take your time going to school, that was when you notice her. "who is that?" Was it her golden hair? or was it her blue eyes that caught your attention? "I've never seen her before..." You think to yourself. She had a small body, she looked like a grade schooler but she didn't have any uniform on, she had normal clothing.

You see her look around as her ponytailed hair bounces around. "Is she lost?"

[ ] Walk up to the little girl. "Do you need help from Onii-chan?"

[ ] You don't want to get arrested for being a lolicon
Fuck off.
[x ] You don't want to get arrested for being a lolicon

Seems more interesting.
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>Foreign Teacher
>Shorter than Japanese school-boy

You are back!

When do we get our Hachiki raping?

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