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File: It goes downhill from here.jpg (964.10 KB, 1680x1050)
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964.10 KB JPG
>Have 75 year old grandfather who watches anime
>Motherfucking Fist of the North Star, Astroboy, and Girls Und Panzer lover
>You ask him why he likes any of those
>"I grew up on Astroboy, watching people explode from a punch is funny, and GUP has tanks."
>Seriously, you'd never believe such a grandfather existed unless you met him
>He loves anime, but is a major homophobic guy
>He always scrubs spots on the carpets and couches when his gay neighbors that grandma invites over leaves
>Try and convince him that there's nothing wrong with gays
>"And I guess there was nothing wrong with gooks"
>Ya got me there, old man
>Hatch a plan
>Show him the manliest shit I can while easing him into accepting gays
>JoJo time
>He sits down and smiles in every scene where Dio gets the shit beaten out of him
>"Holy shit, that Robert guy is a proper Oddjob"
>By the end of Part 1, he's a bit suspicious, but presses on since it really hasn't gone full force yet
>Episode 1 of Part 2 goes by, he's pretty excited to see where this leads
>Intro in the second episode plays
>All those stripped men
>Poses everywhere
>"Anon, is that Kansas City faggot throwing god damn bubbles?"
>After 10 minutes, I calm him down and everything presses on
>The poses, the oil, it's all enough to make that man to have a cardiac arrest
>By the time (spoilers)Caesar dies he's in tears
>"Something wrong, grampa?"
>"For a bubble blowing faggot, he sure did mean good"
>From then on he calls JoJo "the epitome of macho"
>Still hates gays
nice blog
>Implying JoJo is gay and not FABULOUS MANLINESS

get the fuck out faggot
>"For a bubble blowing faggot, he sure did mean good"
Top kek
Take this to tumblr you turbo faggot.
Making other Jojofags look bad.

Not cool.
And what are you bubble blowing Kansas City faggots gonna do about it?
Joseph is the best JoJo
File: 43824902.jpg (69.60 KB, 348x406)
69.60 KB
69.60 KB JPG
>And what are you bubble blowing Kansas City faggots gonna do about it?
Report your shitty thread that's what.
But OP, that's not Gappy.
File: 4859038538.jpg (29.12 KB, 300x300)
29.12 KB
29.12 KB JPG
Where in the right fucking mind do you get the idea that this is a board for your fucking blogging?
I cracked a smile OP. Your granddad seems like a swell guy.

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