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Anime knewb here. Can someone explain why Asians end shows early? First it was Shamploo, then Blue Exorcist, now Accel World, so much lost potential. Will I ever see a second season for any of these?
Boku no Pico
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not that new
Ignoring your spelling. First of all, Champloo ended brilliantly.

>Blue Exorcist
Ad for the manga. Which went into anime original content because there wasn't more manga to adapt at the time.

>Accel World
Ad for the LN. If it was profitable, then you'd be likely to see more, but people only care about SAO it seems.
Can't tell if bait or just pleb.
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Well honestly, SC ended early, but it ended on a good note so I'm over that. But fur reelz, aside from the retarded MC and standard "we're Asian so bully's are life changing events and friends are everything", I was really digging AW, and the ending was so awesome but so bleh at the same time. I'm very conflicted, but I want moar.
Go back to whichever shithole you came from.
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truly just pleb, I have trouble paying attention to anything that doesn't involve action.
File: 1374478923262.jpg (486.91 KB, 1870x1100)
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>I have trouble paying attention to anything that doesn't involve action.

ADHD kiddo please go and stay go.
>so much lost potential.
Yeah, because a closed off and completed story is so much worse than Samurai Champloo Season 24, episode 1429, like it would be in Murrican TV.
File: 1376085031955.jpg (895.60 KB, 1024x768)
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Samurai Champloo was a bad example, Accel world is not.

>>100453306 If I wanted to watch people talking for hours on end in a language I don't understand about a story that blows I would watch the Spanish game show network. Anime is a style suited for action imo. Call it ADHDif you'd like.
Thankfully you have a limited pool to choose from then, meaning i won't bump much into you, you ignorant little shit.

Also, stop typing like a retard and just fuck off, you are not wanted here.
>Anime is a style suited for action imo.

Just wow.
Is that really what people think nowadays? That's a new low.
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It's what this person thinks.

Pic related, probably the slowest anime I've ever watched, also one of the best. Was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.
End yourself OP

I doubt it, not even the toonami shitstains or /v/ermin do, this fucker looks like a retard straight out of MAL or reddit.
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I love how a lot of anime set out to tell a complete story in a set number of episodes. It feels satisfying to see a plot progress every week and come to a complete ending instead of countless "monster/murder of the week" episodes and maybe some stupid cliffhanger ending to push a 20th season.
Why do you keep posting? It's clear you have little in common with this community, go to wherever you come from.
Why do you respond to the faggot?

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