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You must post video proof of yourself doing 20 push ups if your plot involves the word 'loli' in any way shape or form.
Guy's onee-chan turns out to be his mother.
A man and an cute underaged female have a curse placed on them so that neither can get more than three meters away from the other or both die. They have to live their lives close to each other and constantly deny that they are in a romantic relationship. Or maybe they are?
A girl keeps accidentally doing nice things for a guy and has to try incredibly hard to convince him she doesn't like him and also is not just being tsundere.
Harem anime primarily from the perspective of best girl
Cool guys doing cool things.
Title: The Station Girl
It's been a year since MC's girlfriend of two years left him, and he still hasn't gotten over it. His life has no meaning anymore and he's merely going through the motions - until he gets a text message from his ex saying, “If you still love me, wait for me at the train station every day for the next three months.”
Being the desperate guy he is, he does it. Since he works a night shift, he sits and waits in the station every single day. He soon meets a girl about high school age, who shows up every day to talk to him. He tolerates her most of the time, but her overwhelmingly bright personality starts to grate on him as he begins to wonder if his ex will ever show up.
When almost three months are up, he gets to the point where he explodes on her and tells her to stay away from him. She explains her story, that she's homeless and lives at the train station, and that spending time with him every day is the only thing that keeps her going.
She runs off and MC has to choose between going after her and waiting for his ex. He chooses her and stops her from jumping in front of a train. He no longer cares if his ex comes back.

Might work better as a movie, kinda like 5Cm/Sec.
>MC is a 13 year old guy
>His parents don't give a shit about him
>One night, his bike is stolen
>Knowing his parents won't care, he decides to look for it himself
>He goes around asking his neighbors if they had seen his bike
>No one has seen anything
>When he is about to give up, he realizes he has one house left
>He goes to the last house and rings the doorbell
>To his surprise, a girl about his age opens the door
>MC tells her what happened, and she decides to go find the bike with him
>Thus, they embark in an adventure which will take them to the darkest corners of the city in order to find MC's beloved bicycle
>Over the course of the anime, the girl goes full yandere. When they finally find the bike she gets it run over by a truck and tells the MC that she is the only one he can ride.
The brothers Vyktor and Mykola are "myslyvetsʹ" or demon hunters that are sent to our world with the purpose of hunt the king of demons that is hiding here in the body of a school girl that is chasing them and secretly inloved with Mykola.
10/10 would watch.
Cute girls acting as drug mules for the yakuza.
high school tits
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lolis touching other lolis

I won't do it, honk honk
Attack on Titans but good
In a reverse harem, a girl gathers all the hottest boys in school who fit into a certain archetype by being a bitch, hitting them harder than the situation demands, and exclaiming things like "KYAA! ECCHI!" before she goes on violent tirades.
School days genderbent

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