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Good afternoon, /a/.

In the corner of my desk, I have an old external hard drive named Meh. It's where I keep all the shows that I didn't care quite enough about to keep on my computer, ranging from pretty good to more or less crap. Problem is, it's full.

So, now it's time to thin the herd! What would you have me axe, gentlemen?
All of them
GXP, for the love of god.
SEED + Destiny
ZnT Season 2
I see nothing worth your time
Elfen Lied, Mai-Whatever, Destiny, SEED unless you really enjoyed it, ZnT.
Move banner of the stars over to your compy, it doesn't deserve to sit on the same disc as these rifraff.
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It seems to be the most useless thread I've seen today on /a/. And that means a lot.

Do you really need to ask anonymous what crap you should ERASE ?


Hey man, do YOU want to make the mistake of having a non-sanctioned show on your hard drive where no one else will ever see it?
All of them.
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Oh, I sure don't... This way I understand better.
Why on Earth is Crest/Banner and GiTS not on your computer instead? If you're not going to rewatch the other stuff, sod the rest.
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>>Macross 7
This thread is an eyesore.
Black Lagoon, Higurashi, GITS, Haruhi, Zero no Tsukaima.
Macross: Do You Remember Love? is worth keeping for the animation alone.

Other than that; clean house. There's nothing really outstanding or important on that drive. You may want to keep Cutie Honey if only because it's Imaishi's work, and 3 episodes, but it's not like it's necessary. Delete.
If you never watch them, all of them.

Sir, are you crack? GITS?!
What's the matter? Too DEEP for you?

Somebody's got cyberbrain sclerosis, if you ask me!

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