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Maybe this does not belong on /a/ but I am looking for some technical assistance. I’m pissed off because I desperately want to watch anime such as higurashi kai and geass, which are only available in MKV format. I have media player classic, zoom player and VLC. For each media player other than VLC the animation is choppy and the video does not keep up with the audio. On VLC for some files it is the same but with others the subs are either gigantic or just fucked up in general.
I forgot to mention that I do have the proper codecs.
>the video does not keep up with the audio.
i had that problem for one episode it's really fucked up
Get a new computer. Seriously. Your computer is probably too slow to play h.264 files (especially higher resolution ones).

Also, VLC doesn't render softsubs properly.
Go here: http://forum.videohelp.com/
Also try CoreAVC, that might help. But you probably need a faster CPU.
You probably have the high definition files. Most groups do a DivX or normal resolution mkv release too.
K thanks.
VLC sucks. Get The KMPlayer. (The "The" is an important part of the name) I had the same problem with those two animes before I got it, and there's no configuring necessary, I just made the sub font a little smaller, and viola it was perfect.

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