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I think this show needs another season
Good thing nobody agrees
It's funny, pretty much everyone was like "man, it sucks so badly that TWGOK will never get a third season" for years.
Then a third season comes, miracle of miracles, and /a/ rejoices.
After the anime airs, /a/ hates the anime and does not want it to get another season. They only talk about the manga and how they think they don't like the direction and when the hell Keima is going to return to the present and finally end the manga.
I'd watch another season

fuck that kanon arc though was so bored
Needed more Kanon.
The anime ruined the goddesses arc, and the new arc is shit either way.
but i don't want the manga to end ;_;
i want it to continue even after keima returns to the present and carry-on with the big plan
Season 3 was great, but the time travel arc is kind of weird. I wasn't aware /a/ didn't like it; it was honestly AOTY 2013 for me, but I don't know if the new arc would even be fun to watch.
The story feels like it's going to end reasonably soon. It can't just keep dragging out this massive "shit's going done, getting fixed" that started with the Goddesses arc.
They can either end it conclusively this arc or next, or get the Goddesses/Vintage bullshit over with and return to the capture-of-the-month format from the beginning, and the former seems much more easy to pull off
But it was rushed and badly done. It was a shitty adaptation, the manga is what was good.
I don't think it was badly done at all. Only thing that seemed rushed was the removal of Fiore and the way they skipped a bunch of arcs.
At this point, they don't need a new season, but having 4-6 OVAs to cover the non-goddess captures would work fine for me.
Hell yes
I do hope that they end up releasing the "missing" captures as OVAs. I stopped reading the manga when I started watching the third season so I need to get back to that and form an opinion on how they would adapt anything after Goddesses.

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