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Any C/a/nadafags on here been to Anime North?
Im thinking of going but I wanna know if its a fun weekend or a giant autist circlejerk.
I told myself every year that I would go.
But then I wouldn't even know how to talk to people anyway so what's the point. It's not like I'm going to make any friends there. ;_;
If it makes you feel better. I'm not going.
Eh, it wasn't anything impressive. Some of the cosplays were okay. There was naturally some cringe worthy things too. It mostly depends on your company.
Ok thanks man!

But is there any worthwhile events/panels that were good in the past?
The dealers market is ok, there's also plenty of stores selling rare and/or japanese games too if you like that stuff
Ok, but where there any panels/events that went on that everyone should have gone to?
The events are usually pretty fun, but it really depends on what you're interested in. Personally I think it's worth going for the cosplays are dealers room alone. The autism is still there, but not as much as you would think.
Well that sounds cool thanks man.

Also if I can ask your opinion, im going try to get /fit/ and cosplay as Okabe from Steins;G

Is it a cheap-out If its not original and that id probably use my university chem lab coat as main costume?
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How early are you guys reserving tickets?
Wondering how quickly they sell out.

Which day is the best to go on?
I'm not much of a cosplayer, but I don't see why not as long as people can at least tell who you're cosplaying. You certainly won't become a photo trap, but it's still fun to do.
My friend just recently started collecting hotel and ticket money from people to go as a group. Not sure when they usually sell out, but definitely at least 3 months before the event.
I'm not sure when they'll sell out but the price goes up a bit in mid March and I wouldn't wait past then anyway. Hotel rooms will sell out even sooner, if you need one, so I'd start looking into that pretty soon.
How cringeworthy is the con?
I mostly intend to go to pick up some merch.
There's some pretty lackluster cosplay that's a little embarrassing sometimes and some people who are a little weird in general but for the most part it's fine and you should be able to avoid or ignore the rest. I went a few times and I think there was only one person who tried to talk to any of us and was really awkward about it. I dunno about some of the panels, though.
As cringe worthy as any con I guess. When I went there was some scrawny kid dressed as a scantily dressed barbarian who kept letting off pathetic attempts at roars. It was actually pretty funny.
Okay, I forgot about the old man wearing a dress I saw one year. So some people are more than a little weird, I guess.
1.) Crowded 1 entrance - 1 exit to dealer's area
2.) Panels are not held on the convention center, but rather on the hotels on the block - which means lots of walking (Pack light cause you're gonna be hauling ass all day)
3.) Highway robbery ATM fees (bring cash from your bank instead of withdrawing on site).

Guests are okay sometimes.
Dealer's room is also ok (but you can get better deals online though).

Frankly if you're not the type to go to panels - I would suggest just buying a ticket for one day.
My overall impression is, you go visit for one day, then you've pretty much seen it all.

/cgl/ here, if your cosplaying for fun dont worry too much about accuracy, as long as you look neat you should be fine.

as >>100449530 said, the price goes up if you wait too long but for the best experience definitely preregister and get your pass on thursday if you can, it'll save you literally hours when you dont have to wait in the god awful admission line outside in blazing heat, rain, or cold ass wind. Saturday best day.
Find AN of facebook, they post how many admissions they have left.

I agree but I'd also add that a lot of any convention is making your own fun, chill with friends, find new friends, get fucked, its all up to you. maybe we should do an /a/ meetup, I know /cgl/ has one but fuck those vapid whores and cancer tripfags, I'd rather talk to people who've watched more than AoT and SAO
never been to a con, thinking of going.
i know i'm not going to meet people, so, /a/ meetup?

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