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How much anime have you watched?
I've seen easily over 20 titles, and I think I can consider myself pretty knowledgable at this stage.
Almost twenty titles.
I've seen at least 10 different shows, probably more than 90% of the people here. Ask me anything.
All the anime I have watched

Afro Samurai
Air Gear
Angel Beats
Black lagoon
Black Butler
Code Geass
Cowboy Bebop
Darker Than Black
Deadsad Man Wonderland
Death Note
Elfen lied
Full Metal Alchemist
Ghost in the Shell
Golgo 13
High School DXD
Highschool of the Dead
Demon King Daimao
Mirai Nikki
Ouran Host Club
Phantom of the Requiem
Rosario Vampire
Samurai Champloo
Shingeki No Kyojin
Speed Grapher
Steins Gate
The Melancholy of Haruhi
The Melancholy Movie
Gurren Lagann
Girl who Leapt Through time
Welcome to NHK
Aw jeez how have you two seen so many!?! Ive only saw like 10 you guys must be experts in animes lol
So much, that I want to kill myself.
I've watched a TON of animes about 20 titles already.
>Committing suicide over entertainment
Well, I don't want to brag but I do know a lot about anime.
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just one btw what's your pic from? shes super cute and stuff
I haven't taken the time to fill out the manga list though. It's probably the same, because I'm a filthy newfag.
How did you manage to watch so much anime and still shit taste?
File: 1388952976572.jpg (93.03 KB, 617x533)
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I watch whatever I want to.
I've seen a lot of anime in my time. Almost literally 20 titles and that doesn't even include the movies for them.
No one is forcing you to see what we want, just telling you that your taste is shit.
About 80+ completed series. I just got into anime about a year ago, pretty good stuff.
There is no such thing as taste. It's just a cartoon.
Honestly I've only seen about 500 hours over 60 series or so, but I'm fairly new here
You wouldn't believe this, but I'm near having watched 40 titles.

I'm a big nerd and waste a lot of my time.
What do you think?

I stopped keeping track because there isn't really a point of keeping track.
Nigga, you have too many watched, I can't even access it.
Click "Completed"
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How you do it?
If you really watched all those then I'm very impressed.
Oddly enough you've missed some good shit there.
300 something

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